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  1. Jess G

    YeSake DDP?

    Hey all! Is Yesake a quick service credit on the ddp? Can anyone confirm if this will include all the toppings? Thanks!
  2. Jess G

    Morimoto asia or chef arts homecoming?

    I know they are totally different styles but I need to choose 1 and I can't decide! Which is better?
  3. Jess G

    Artist point - DDP for the coursed meal?

    Can I use the dining plan for the "Taste Of The Pacific" 5 course meal @ Artist Point? (2 credits)
  4. Jess G

    3 adults and one teenager - advice on where to stay

    It's all of the sudden become normal to have 2(+) trips booked at once lol. So it will be ... Myself, my boyfriend, my little sister, and my mother. Celebration: My little sisters sweet 16, my 25th birthday and my boyfriends 34th ! I'm currently debating between Lion king suite, old key...
  5. Jess G

    Current Bounce Back offer?

    Hey guys! Does anyone have a pic or the details of the current bounce back in the rooms? Thanks!
  6. Jess G

    What is a better use of evening EMH?

    Going in Feb - the park closes early. I'm trying to decide if I can get more done going on a day where epcot has EMH from 9-11pm or that MK has EMH from 8-10pm.
  7. Jess G

    Pre-Trip Confessions of a Disney snob ;)

    So, first I want to explain to you all why I have no completed my TR from my last trip with my sister... Long story short, it was not so great. With only 3 nights, having to move rooms twice and then a resort switch, lost luggage, non stop rain and madness. I'm glad I have this next trip to look...
  8. Jess G

    QS options @ kidani?

    Am I able to use the DDP to get a QS lunch at the Kidani pool bar? Is that the only QS option there besides Sanaa breakfast? TIA :)
  9. Jess G

    Using the DDP for room service ?

    I understand it takes 2 credits per meal for room service. Would I be able to order multiple items and use 2 credits for one meal and pay for the rest out of pocket? Thanks!
  10. Jess G

    Garden Grill dinner .. opinions and timing?

    How do you all like Garden grill for dinner? We've never been there before. I have a 7pm ADR and illuminations is @ 9 that night... do you think I'm clear to see the show? TIA :)
  11. Jess G

    A resort day at beach club !?

    What world you suggest we do for a resort day when staying at beach club? We have no dining reservations .. We will arrive to the hotel at 2pm and don't plan on leaving the area until 11am the next day to go to epcot .. Its a febuary trip so I'm not sure if the pool is an option
  12. Jess G

    Watch your charges and track your dining credits!

    Hey all! Just wanted to remind everyone to make sure you keep track of your credit cards and dining credits when vacationing.. Due to a glitch in the app today I was charged a no show fee for an ADR I cancelled 3 months ago (with cancellation confirmed through email) Also, last trip I sat...
  13. Jess G

    Question regarding bounce back offer

    I want to take advantage of the current BB for free dining ... They have a very limited window of dates... My question is, do I just need to be checked in within the window of dates, or does my entire trip need to be within the window FOR EXAMPLE: "travel between 5/29-6/5" ... I'm looking to...
  14. Jess G

    Pre-Trip A long sister/sister weekend :) F&W!!! Pandora!!!

    The basics ... Me (Jess), My sister (Erica) are currently gearing up for a long weekend @ caribbean beach resort. Between her AP discount and booking when the $75 gift card per night thing was going on. We could not pass up booking a weekend here. We live far apart so this time means a lot to...
  15. Jess G

    Bon Voyage or Garden Grill breakfast?

    Which would you choose? 2 adults on the dining plan? :)
  16. Jess G

    Deluxe dining plan opinions?

    Thinking of upgrading to the deluxe dining plan. I know it's a lot of food but we really want to use it for starting our day with a breakfast buffet or character meal and then sitting at a signature for dinner. Hubby thinks I'm crazy but hear me out! - We've never experienced this dining plan...
  17. Jess G

    What kind of evening EMH can I expect for February?

    Since the parks generally close early this time of year, what kind of EMH can I expect for the evening. Will there be any nights MK is open past midnight? :inlove:
  18. Jess G

    Rose and crown or Spice Road for illuminations

    I can't decide?! Which would you choose? Quality of food is just as important as the firework view to us. We are on the dining plan so no worries price wise.
  19. Jess G

    Which would you choose?

    POP with the regular DDP or Coronado with the QS plan? 2 Adults traveling. We will be doing a split stay and heading to a deluxe resort after where we will be doing a couple signature dinners. 4 nights @ the first resort, hitting the parks from AM to PM and 3 nights at the deluxe for pure...
  20. Jess G

    Need help picking a 2018 week to travel to WDW

    Taking in crowds and heat which week would you choose to go to WDW? I don't have many options to choose from with work. I am not able to take off from mid October - January ... and on top of that every 3 months I do inventory which is about a 2 week process that I must be present for. Here's...
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