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    Christmas Parade Cuts

    Be warned, Our leaders cut half of the normal amount of characters and performers in Christmas parade. Those expecting the full parade will find themselves watching a strip downed version.
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    Nemo the Musical filleted

    Howdy kiddos! It’s been awhile but I’m back, better than ever. The barracudas finally caught and devoured that clown fish. Darla got her way.
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    Rumor Selfies with Mando

    I was in the cubicle listening to one of the few non-furloughed creative types wax on about a new Galaxy’s Edge selfie spot. They start with a long winded speech. It went something like this: Bring your child for a selfie with Mando. It’s the perfect promotion synergy for the 2nd season. A...
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    Santa’s Holiday Cavalcade

    Evenin’ Wdwmagic Dahlings, Fret not. Christmas isn’t cancelled! Yet. The elves at the North Pole (actually it’s a rogue colleague in a cubicle near me) tell me the jolly old elf will lead a cavalcade of sorts down Main Street this festive season. And a Halloween cavalcade is looking grim. Not...
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    RIP Judy Hopps

    Judy Hopps and her police uniform are bouncing right out of Disney Parks quicker than a jack rabbit out on a date.
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    Dining with characters is done

    Good evening Wdwmagic Having a meal with characters is coming to an end. For good. WDC labels it as a suspension, but the truth is the return of character meals is improbable. Hong Kong and Shanghai’s physical distancing SOP simply won’t work in Orlando. Cost benefit analysis results, safety...
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    Rumor Character greet changes coming

    When Disney reopens a change will come in what is considered a premium experience. Once character meets are reinstated, all guests will be required to purchase an experience option to meet characters. This would end regular meet times shared on MyDisneyExperience. A reservation would be...
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    Star Wars stage show goes the way of Alderaan

    The Sith Leadership Team are out in full force at Hollywood Studios dropping Death Star like blasts to Entertainment. Star Wars: A Galaxy Far Far Away will take a final bow within the month.
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    Rumor Toy Story friends makeover

    Andy's toys begin their biggest feat ever. New look, height and overall feel. ~Ron
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    Jason Kirk New Magic Kingdom Head

    Jason Kirk is taking the Magic Kingdom Vice President position.
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