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  1. disneyglimpses

    If the MSEP is returning to Disneyland, what happens to Magic Happens?

    I found it a little odd that MSEP is returning to Disneyland with Magic Happens having ran only 2 weeks before the closures, which had both a day and night mode. I wonder if that parade may make its way to the Magic Kingdom now. Unless they plan to either shutter it entirely or have both parades...
  2. disneyglimpses

    Return to normality tracker

    Now that things seem to be moving along quite quickly, I thought I would put together a return to normality tracker. If you don't see it here, it is most likely because it has reopened and is not significant enough to call out specifically. Please post updates/corrections as you see them and I...
  3. disneyglimpses

    Still no Moonlight Magic for 2021?

    What's going on with this? Seems a little confusing that they aren't planning any events considering the DVC attendance to MM is definitely < 35% and members pay for it. What's the problem that I am missing?
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