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    Best Friends Kennel -WDW

    we have used them several times, no real complaints, but they ,imo, run a bit overcautious, every little thing, at least with us out of the ordinary resulted in a phone call, but erring on the side of caution is good i guess
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    Connections Cafe and Eatery

    will it have a lightning lane??????
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    Did anyone see the story that LL is 93% of ride capacity?

    seems the reported wait times for the more desired attractions are longer due to more LL usage, less for the others due to less LL demand. should expect RoR, FoP, M and M railway to be longer.
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    Gideon's Bakehouse coming to Disney Springs

    has anyone ordered them through the mail? how long to get them to gainesville, how are they packaged?
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    Food portion cuts to increase profits?

    as been stated before, going back to buffets makes more sense than family style meals. have eaten several of them, i ask for more portions of certain items, yet get the full skillet, alot i do not want goes to waste. on a buffet i get what i want, how much i want, and very rarely does anything...
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    which buffets have re-opened?

    which ones, like hollywood and vine, crystal palace, etc have gone back to pre-covid.
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    If you could create or expand a transportation network on property..

    underground subways connecting each resort to 4 central hubs, one for each park, then 4 subways to each park.could hop from park to park by going on the subway back to the central hub, then to another park. no rain, no hot weather.
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    how long are you willing to wait for a ride?

    when people ask about flight of passage i ask them if they remember back to the future, imo, similar.
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    how long are you willing to wait for a ride?

    it depends on the ride,of course, but for me90 minutes is it.
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    hollywood and vine question

    have they gone back to full self-serve buffetts, are they skillet like chef mickeys, cape may, or is it 1 each of entree, appetizer and dessert?
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    News Expedition Everest refurbishment in 2022

    have to figure a way to get all those loose coins into the disney account.
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    Dining in Disney hotels if staying off site

    good to know. we have a breakfast reservation at cape may, then on to epcot. how much of a walk is it to the gateway entrance?
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    Dining in Disney hotels if staying off site

    i think there is a 3 hour time limit you can park w/o a reservation for the resort, to avoid just getting on busses to the park and no driving there, although i could be wrong.
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    cape may question?

    have breakfast reservations on sept. 19th at cape may at 25.00 per person. if they go to full buffet by then am, i obligated to pay the higher price?0
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    anyone ever get compped free fast passes?

    for like having to evacuate a ride?
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    Quick service lines and times - are they getting any better with more and more opening up?

    i have used it about a dozen times, never had a problem,you need to decide early where, what and when you want to eat, place order well in advance, no problems.
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    yeah, first casey's now CHH, life is good.
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    guess is by october 1, with the 50th coming up, more crowds demand more food options, especially good ones like CHH
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    polite pig

    guess that is that, not a negative comment to be found, polite pig, here we come.
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