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  1. muddyrivers

    Defunctland deep dive on Fastpass

    Agreed. I applaud Kevin as I've watched many of his other videos and they're very well done. But I think this time it went a bit overboard with a video about Fastpass/Fastpass+ being longer/the same length as a feature length film.
  2. muddyrivers

    Rumor Figment, well, to be replaced by Figment

    This picture just screams 80s to me and I absolutely love it! Every time I see this shot it reminds me of what EPCOT Center must have been like when it opened (I wasn't born when the park opened)
  3. muddyrivers

    Work going on inside Living With The Land

    That looks so tacky :(
  4. muddyrivers

    News "it's a small world" Holiday Will Not Open on Schedule Due to Incident

    In reading this thread there seems to be some skepticism as to these non-Disney sources. However, this information originated from David Koenig who has written several books regarding behind the scenes information at DIsneyland and has been writing about Disneyland for decades. I would like to...
  5. muddyrivers

    Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor vs Monsters, Inc. Mike and Sulley to the Rescue!

    Wholeheartedly agree. I know it was a replacement for Superstar Limo but Monsters Inc Laugh Floor was a replacement for the Timekeeper attraction and not really a good one. Not to mention, what does Monsters Inc have to do with Tomorrowland? At least the Timekeeper fit into the theme of being...
  6. muddyrivers

    Club 33 Changes post-COVID

    For how much your friends are paying, they better have unlimited availability to the parks! I would be livid if I paid that much only to be told "Ohh sorry, we want to get some more paying customers in the park this weekend so we're not going to be able to let you in today"
  7. muddyrivers

    What is this Tiki Room lyric?

    These types of threads used to be the only thing I remember being posted and discussed on WDWMagic. This thread is a great relief to read compared to some of the others you mentioned! :)
  8. muddyrivers

    Advice for a non-park day

    I also forgot to mention if you go to Port Orleans Riverside (and I think a few other resorts still have it too), you can rent a bicycle (or a Surrey bike if you have multiple people with you) and ride along Port Orleans both Riverside and French Quarter. Heck, you're paying by the hour so you...
  9. muddyrivers

    Advice for a non-park day

    I would recommend taking a bus over to Port Orleans Riverside and walk around the resort. There's a lot of paths to walk along and be fully immersed. Then when you want to check out Disney Springs, walk down to the water and get on the boat that will take you down the Sassagoula River to the...
  10. muddyrivers

    Fans call on Disney to ban raunchy shirts from parks after viral post

    Or how about surplus shirts that they're going to send to Cast Connections or the outlet stores? Black XXXXL Year of a Million Dreams t-shirt, anyone? :P
  11. muddyrivers

    Spaceship Earth: Our Shared Story Canceled?

    That was truly magical for me whenever I rode it as a kid. Going down that descent, seeing kids going on a VR field trip, the video chats across the world (predecessor to FaceTime), it just made me so excited for what the future would bring! Now even today I know seeing those scenes would evoke...
  12. muddyrivers

    Are 'Magic Moments' still allowed?

    I don't know for sure but probably not with the current management in charge.
  13. muddyrivers

    Spaceship Earth: Our Shared Story Canceled?

    Costs too much money, Chapek said no </sarcasm>
  14. muddyrivers

    Epcot's 40th Anniversary

    At the very least I would hope and expect that they play the original pavilion's BGM like they had done for a previous anniversary (hat tip to @marni1971 for helping make that happen!) I think one of the things unique about EPCOT is today's guests still in some ways yearn for some of the...
  15. muddyrivers

    Pre-Trip When We're Together - December 2021

    Absolutely love your trip reports. Can't wait to read how this trip works out for you!
  16. muddyrivers

    American Adventure Issues

    Again for those of you in the parks who see the show please go to Guest Services to formally register the issue with them. It not only shows that guests are noticing issues with the show, but that guests actually care about the show.
  17. muddyrivers

    So if you were there yesterday for the 50th, what did you think?

    I was wondering how people without smartphones will be able to continue operating at Disney Parks. It seems more and more Disney is forcing everything over to their app and making it more difficult to do the parks without a smartphone. However there are still a lot of people who either come...
  18. muddyrivers

    Electric/Hybrid Vehicle at WDW Resorts Question

    I quickly skimmed through this website with details about charging points throughout WDW: https://wanderdisney.com/electric-vehicle-charging-wdw/ It mentions ChargePoint chargers. I do not currently have a hybrid/EV so I don't know if those have a cost associated with them or how they work but...
  19. muddyrivers

    Early 2000’s Resort TV Host - know him?

    Mine too. I remember finding an MP3 in the early 00s of the "Zip a Dee Doo Dah, tip for today" line and setting that as my computer's startup sound to get a dose of Disney magic every morning. :D
  20. muddyrivers

    News New Play Pavilion to replace Epcot's Wonders of Life

    I'm still surprised in today's world it wasn't kept as a health pavilion. There's initiatives to get kids outside to play for at least an hour a day, everyone has some sort of health tracker technology they wear (pedometer, heart rate tracker, blood glucose monitor, etc.). It seems now there is...
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