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  1. Lora Baines Bradley

    DJ at MK exit

    Please move if not the right forum. I searched for this and didn’t find anything but I could have missed it. I haven’t been to MK since May so this could be old info, but when did they start having an announcer and playing non-Main St music at park exit? It really took me by surprise when I...
  2. Lora Baines Bradley

    New Scene for Spaceship Earth

    For my final project for my American History class, we had to create our own Spaceship Earth scene using content within the course. We had to explain why we thought the scene was significant and why we thought people should be aware of the scene. We also did not have to tie into Spaceship...
  3. Lora Baines Bradley

    The Cosmetics/Beauty Thread

    I mentioned starting this in the Chit Chat thread, and the reception seemed positive so I decided to go ahead with it :) tagging @figmentfan423 as well. To start the conversation, this collection from Colourpop Cosmetics is coming out soon. What better way to start this thread than a Disney...
  4. Lora Baines Bradley

    Return of the College Program?

    As DCP alumni (the Spring 2020 program that was cancelled) I was wondering when everyone thought it would begin again. I don't think the program will be outright cancelled- they just finished building a new housing complex and the CP is a source of cheap labor. However, I'm not sure when the...
  5. Lora Baines Bradley

    Creative Department at Disney

    Hello all. Due to personal circumstances, I have not completed any college preparation. I recently graduated high school and I'm just trying to save up some money right now and take a break, as I'm going through some very tough times emotionally. I have no clue what I want to do. I want to go...
  6. Lora Baines Bradley

    Help! Last Minute Meal on Budget

    Hello everyone. I’m going to be at MK tomorrow and would like to treat my mom for a nice meal for her birthday (it’s belated because we weren’t able to celebrate last week). I JUST now thought of this idea (for reasons I don’t want to discuss here, birthdays are a new concept for me and my...
  7. Lora Baines Bradley

    Discount tickets for AP Friends and Family?

    Hello all! I am currently moving to FL, about 1-2 hours away from Disney. If all goes to plan, my family will get the FL Resident AP. I have friends that will likely visit me, some of them never having been to Disney before. I know Disney had a 1 day park hopper discount for APs, but have they...
  8. Lora Baines Bradley

    Opinion on Beauty and the Beast- Live on Stage?

    I haven't seen the show in a while, but a friend and I watched it on Youtube and were dying of laughter at how bad it was. Gaston could not sing. It was like watching a train wreck: it's terrible, but you can't look away. The costumes have not aged well at all. Belle's yellow dress looked like...
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