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  1. RWilliams

    Is Paleo possible at WDW?

    Hi there, I just started the whole30 and I'm fascinated by the paleo concept. So it got me thinking, what do people who eat a paleo diet do when they are at Disney? Anyone have any thoughts, experiences or anecdotes about attempting to eat a paleo diet at Disney?
  2. RWilliams

    Missing person in Tucson, AZ

    I don't know if this will do any good or if this is even allowed. I was just made aware of a young father in Tucson who is missing. He went out to purchase a lottery ticket at a nearby Circle K (off of speedway and camila) and never came home. He also failed to show up for work. His fiancée and...
  3. RWilliams

    FYI- temporary photopass/character change at Tusker House

    I just thought I'd pass on the info- Tusker is doing a test for the next few weeks. They have removed Donald from in front of the restaurant and he is now meeting at tables inside. The photopass picture will still be taken outside but it will be of your group only, no character. Its currently...
  4. RWilliams

    My bad luck half marathon report

    Hi everbody, My name is Ruthie and I'm a new runner. :wave: I've been reading this section of Magic for months now as I've been training for the Disney half. You guys are fantastic motivators and have been a great inspiration to me. Despite that fact I've been shy about posting but I...
  5. RWilliams

    Jelly Roll's now a smoke free environment?

    A friend of mine was at Jelly Roll's earlier this week and said she saw signs saying that it is now a smoke free environment. She had "a few" drinks while she was there :lol: can anyone confirm that it is indeed smoke free now?
  6. RWilliams

    Cast discounts

    We all know the hub can be a little cumbersome and confusing so I was thinking maybe this would be a good place to list cast member discounts that you have stumbled upon in the Orlando area. Here are the ones that I've discovered so far, they aren't listed on the hub as far as I can tell...
  7. RWilliams

    Fuddrucker's at Crossroads

    A Fuddrucker's opened up recently at Crossroads next to TGI Friday's. They offer a 10% cast discount. :slurp:
  8. RWilliams

    Blue main gate pass

    I'm posting this question on behalf of a friend, I told him I always get excellent and quick answers here on WDWMagic:D We've been looking all over the hub and can't find the answer. Does his blue main gate pass allow for unlimited (subject to black out dates of course) park admissions to all...
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