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  1. Mainahman

    Its "official" Were DVC Members

    Did it this morning. Did all the paperwork and such, paid what needed to be paid. Signing all the forms as they come in, But we are now happy owners of DVC at OKW :) Cant wait for the points to hit the account, and possibly schedule a " Welcome Home trip" shortly :)
  2. Mainahman

    Trip Report Step Right UP! for the Main Event. Did we Blow Niece and Nephews Minds on their Very First Trip to the World?

    As Many of you know, We are on a multi year project. This project is to make sure our 4 Niece and nephews get to see the world. For many years, they have been told " you will get to go to Disney" and it never happened for one reason or another. Finally we were in a spot financially, that we...
  3. Mainahman

    Talk to me about Pros and Cons of Resale/ How many points would we need.

    So in 26 days we arrive for our first DVC room stay. We got upgraded to a 2 bedroom VIlla at Kidani VIllage. Now the way my wife talks, she is super excited, and i can see a trend that she may be coming over to my dark side, of slower trips, as we know we will do something we missed next time...
  4. Mainahman

    2021 planning AoAor Poly, or what?

    So I'm starting to do some planning as we count down to this year's trip for next year's trip. So originally we planned on another value family suite. However we started running some prices. The cabins are cheaper but only have the one bathroom.. My wife says we might be able to squeak by...
  5. Mainahman

    Help me prepare for my first deluxe stay.

    We were moved to a 2 bedroom villa for our upcoming august trip. All of our past trips have been at POP century value. Never stayed at a deluxe, let alone a villa. Super excited for Kidani, animals, and Bread Service!! Tell me why I will love it! The hotel, not bread service, I mean how could...
  6. Mainahman

    Teach me the ways of bread service.

    Got upgraded to Kidani village. I'm already drooling over photos of Sanaa and bread service. Are there does and donts?
  7. Mainahman

    Can you link individual cards to individual Magic bands?

    Im a huge proponent of Paying with my magic band, and always have a card linked for such things. Taking my niece and nephew in august, and wondered is there a way to link their own form of payment so they have some personal spending money? ( we will be spoiling the crap out of them, but thought...
  8. Mainahman

    Pre-Trip Two Vets set to drag 2 first timers through the world! Project Niece and Nephew Part 1

    Alright, I know i just finished my Trip report for my wife and I's little getaway for hitting 10 years of marriage, but really what am i going to do with myself for the next 278 days and counting. Here i will go ahead and introduce you to the clan on this trip, and Chronicle what i hope to be...
  9. Mainahman

    Park Map downloads?

    Anyone got the latest and greatest park maps available online? I need to download and print so i can send in the surprise box to my niece and nephew :)
  10. Mainahman

    Custom Videos for a surprise?

    Is there anywhere you can create a custom video, or something about the parks, or a character to basically tell someone they are going to disney? We booked our next trip, and this time were taking my Oldest Niece, and Oldest Nephew with us. This is their very first trip to Disney. and its...
  11. Mainahman

    Bus Driver 9.9.19 EPCOT TO DHS

    We took a bus From EPCOT to DHS. there was 4 of us on the bus at the most. The bus drivers name was Eric, and his tag says he hails from Greenville Ohio. I want to say this was the best bus driver i have ever had in my many trips to the world! The spiel and Humor wasn't lower because there was...
  12. Mainahman

    Trip Report 10 Years of Married bliss, 2 park days, and 4 parks. Challenge Accepted!

    Just got back last night around 5:30 central time, and already to go back ,but its time to share our wonderful quick getaway with you all! We left on Saturday the 7 at 2 am local time to start the drive. The dogs were very unhappy to be up.. I really only got a good photo of my Harley, but Max...
  13. Mainahman

    SWGE Droid Depot accessories available online by any chance?

    Hey all! Built a couple droids. One for me and one for my daughter. Didn't pick up any accessories before we left. Is there a chance they will be available to buy online or is it an park only item? I hate to wait till July to pick up a few, maybe surprise her for Christmas....
  14. Mainahman

    Choices for quick serve when your over burgers and chicken?

    Just got back from a quick 2 park days and booked the next one to give my oldest neice and nephew thier first trip to WDW ever! Now here comes the question. We will have dining this time as it's the bounce back offer, so what's your favorite quick service locations when you don't want chicken...
  15. Mainahman

    All star music suites.

    Hey all! Sadly heading home from WDW and n the morning, bit booked the bounce back offer to take my oldest beice and oldest nephew in July. It e fed up being the best deal to get a suite at all Star Music so we'd have enough room for everything that would be needed vs when the 2 of us travel and...
  16. Mainahman

    4th of July?

    I've done some searching and didn't really find anything helpful. Looking to take one neice and nephew on thier very first visit ever to WDW next year. Because northern schools are different than our southern schools were looking at the week that spans June and July, making our last park day...
  17. Mainahman

    Can you pay parking ahead of time?

    Heading down next month. Arriving on the 7th, and leaving on the 10th. is it possible to just call and pay the fees ahead of time so i can streamline a bit more?
  18. Mainahman

    Staying at POP, can i go get a drink at AoA pool bar?

    Noticed that they have a dole whip inspired drink on their pool bar menu. Is it possible to walk over and order one while were there?
  19. Mainahman

    Best Pool bar drink?

    Our next trip, is our first time just the wife and I. and in my head popped a good idea for a thread. To you what is the best pool bar cocktail you've had at a resort?
  20. Mainahman

    Non park table service for anniversary??

    Nothing super fancy, but were going to 3 nights with 2 park days in september. Were considering a table service meal the night we arrive. Where would you recommend? will Likely grab lunch at our favorite YAk and Yeti sunday for lunch, but we dont have park tickets for saturday arrival day.
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