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  1. yensidtlaw1969

    Great Movie Ride - Visible Strings?

    A little random, but I just came across a picture that reminded me of something I've wondered for a while: Does anyone know what these weird Strings used to be in The Great Movie Ride? Look between Mary and Bert - there's a piece of, like, Monofilament that ran taught from the grid down to the...
  2. yensidtlaw1969

    Mini Disney World - Fan-Made Model

    Hey All! So I finished my Quarantine Project this past weekend and had a feeling you guys would get a kick out of it - I've been a longtime collector of the Monorail Train Sets sold in the parks, and used to stare in awe at the old setup in Once Upon a Toy at the formerly-named Downtown Disney...
  3. yensidtlaw1969

    What Defined the Decade at WDW?

    Was tempted to make this a poll, but there were so many options I couldn't fathom it . . . I'm curious, what move do you think was the one that best defined WDW in the 2010's? It doesn't have to be your favorite thing, or even the best thing - what was the thing that, to you, most encapsulates...
  4. yensidtlaw1969

    Which Magic Kingdom Tours feature The Haunted Mansion?

    Hey All! I'm heading back to the World this month to run the Marathon, and was looking for current information about which Magic Kingdom Tours take you backstage at The Haunted Mansion. Google and Search seem to be sending me down a vortex of old info - I know Keys To The Kingdom did back in...
  5. yensidtlaw1969

    How can one enter the Festival of the Masters?

    Hey All, I guess my question is as I posted in the thread title; Does anyone know how one might apply to participate in the Festival of the Masters? If I understand the requirements properly I believe I am currently qualified, and I would love more information as I've been having trouble...
  6. yensidtlaw1969

    What time do the monorail/ buses start running in the morning?

    Wow, I haven't started a new thread in a while. Pretty much, at what time in the morning do the buses and monorails start to run? That translates roughly to: "If I'm staying at All Star Music and I wanted to be at the Magic Kingdom Gate as soon as Humanly Possible (literally) without a...
  7. yensidtlaw1969

    Happy 9th Birtday Animal Kingdom!

    Here's to the 9th Birthday of a Beautiful park, and here's to many more! :D Yensid "Happy Earth day!" tlaw1969
  8. yensidtlaw1969

    Everest Ride Picture Price?

    Hey all. I'm leaving for the World in 4 days (:D ), and I'll be riding Expedition Everest for the first time. I want to buy the on-ride photo to commemorate my first ride on Everest, and I was wondering if anyone knew the price. I've never bought an on-ride photo before, so I don't know what...
  9. yensidtlaw1969

    Everest Potato Chip!

    Ok, you know how some people claim to have seen Jesus or Elvis in potato chips? Well, I was just having some Lays and I found a broken chip, and you'll neverguess what it resembles! JERRY SPRINGER! No. The Expedition Everest Mountain Range! And I have proof...
  10. yensidtlaw1969

    Happy Easter Everyone!

    I was suprsed when I found no Easter thread, so here's one! Happy Easter Everyone! ( \_/ ) (='.'=) (")_(") :lookaroun Yensid "It's Bunny Day!" tlaw1969
  11. yensidtlaw1969

    Anyone know how to make $80 pretty quickly?

    Hey all. I'll just get to the point. I'm trying to save up $240 to buy something that I've been saving for a while for ( got $165 at the moment). The problem is, pretty soon I won't be able to buy it anymore, and I've still got $80 to go. I don't have a job, though I want one, but my parent...
  12. yensidtlaw1969

    If it were built today . . .

    People have accused Disney in recent times of making cheap attractions. What do you think would have happened if your favorite classic or old attraction had been built today? How would it be different than what it is? For example, if the Haunted mansion was sceduled to open this year, what...
  13. yensidtlaw1969

    Dude, did you ever notice that it seems . . .

    . . . that the last Skittle in Every bag is red, the last M&M is Brown and the last peanut M&M is blue? Just a thing. Yensid "had to get that off my chest" tlaw1969
  14. yensidtlaw1969

    Most Photogenic Monorail

    Pretty much just say what Monorail you think is best for Picture taking. I'd have to say silver myself, not out of pure love for Monorail silver (since I don't particularly), it just never seems to be out of place in any pictures I've seen of it. Others have however. What do you think...
  15. yensidtlaw1969

    Please Vote for My Corpse Bride Poem because . . .

    . . . I would really appreciate it and owe you some kind of favor :D . You can view my poem here: http://www.corpsebridedvd.com/?pid=a255a562ef1db15276f8de5d97d88ce And if you like it please vote highly for it! I'd LOVE to win (You don't know how badly). Yensid "Please vote honestly...
  16. yensidtlaw1969

    No Breathing Contest

    Starting NOW! :)
  17. yensidtlaw1969

    Simple Underrated Message Board Posting Pleasures

    Pretty much post a simple pleasure you find when posting on any message board. For example: Going to post a message in a thread and finding you've just started a new page. Something like that that just gets you in a little happy mood. Yensid "Or maybe that's only me . . . :lookaroun "...
  18. yensidtlaw1969

    Now's your chance to create the WORST Disney attarction EVER!

    Now's your chance to create the WORST Disney attraction EVER! Ok, so the rules are . . . ok there aren't really any rules. Just take current Disney attractions and make them into something horrible. REALLY HORRIBLE. Nothing les than Horrible should be posted. Ok, my first Idea. Superstar...
  19. yensidtlaw1969

    Most Beautiful Thing WDI has ever done . . . ?

    Imagineering has created many a beautiful thing, be it a park, a prop, an attraction, whatever. What I'm asking you is what do YOU think their most beautiful project has been to date? It can be beautiful Visually, emotionally, the way it sounds, whatever. Pretty much anything goes. Then explain...
  20. yensidtlaw1969

    Horizons/ Mission Space Composite?

    Hey all. I was just wondering if anyone would have the resources to make some kind of composite photo of Mission Space and Horizons. Something that would show where something was in Horizons so next time I'm at Mission Space I can say "this scene once stood here" or something like that? Lol...
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