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  1. bgoofy

    No Fast Pass+ For Big Thunder, Whats The?

    Setting up my fast passes for Sept. 25 @ Magic Kingdom and BTMR wasn't even listed! Checked a few web sites and can't find it scheduled for refurb. I'm sure it wont be that busy then but just wondering ***???? :confused:
  2. bgoofy

    Any aerials photos coming in the near future??

    Just wondering if anyone (Scott or Scuttle) ;) has anything sceduled? Just hoping!
  3. bgoofy

    New Expansion Pics! (9-21-2012)

    :) Was surfing & found new updated pics on .. orlando united.com Check it out
  4. bgoofy

    Going on steam train tour & staying off grounds..

    Would like to know where to park & how much time to allow to get thru security?? :confused:
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