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  1. dodgr98

    Clickbait Strikes Again!

    A short time ago, I saw a post on Facebook from the site that shall not be named that said that All Star Music would not be opening as scheduled due to cancellations and COVID. Me and friends have rooms booked there for the week before Thanksgiving. I called Disney and asked about this. I was...
  2. dodgr98

    When reading the threads, do you listen to anything? If so, what?

    I always listen to Mouse World Radio. If the Tomorrowland background music or EPCOT background music is playing, it's a home run. I have taken a liking to the background music from Wonders of Life recently. So much so that I bought most of it on iTunes. What's everyone else's "go to"?
  3. dodgr98

    Staying @ Port Orleans....question

    We leave next sunday and are styaing at P.O. Is there a grocery store close by? As of now we are not renting a car. The only semi-close place I know of is Goodings at The Crossing. Does anyone know of anything? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :confused:
  4. dodgr98

    Star Wars Weekend Pics

    Anybody who has pics of the happenings please post them. My family happened to be down there in 2001 when they had it and it was a lot of fun. Thanks!
  5. dodgr98

    WDW Monorail Playset?

    Hey, Does anybody know if they are still selling these at the resort? This is the battery operated version. Thanks, Kevin:confused:
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