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  1. BenS

    Anywhere to buy Lion King merchandise at Epcot?

    Hey everyone, A friend and I are planning on going to wdw on the 29th for the 24 hour promotion. (very excited!) Sadly my girlfriend isn't able to come, so I wanted to get her a souvenir while I'm there. Specifically, I want to get her a stuffed animal from her favorite movie, the Lion King...
  2. BenS

    Fancy but not too expensive?

    My friend and I were hoping to have dinner at a "fancy" restaurant in WDW. We're looking for something with a relatively strict dress code, and of course good food, without breaking the bank. Everything in the $$$$ price range (as Disney puts it) is too expensive, and everything I've seen in...
  3. BenS

    Status letter?

    Hi everyone, I had my interview for the Fall 2009 CP on the 11th, and today I received a letter. It's been less than two weeks so I was confused at first, but I've heard stories of people getting theirs only a week and a half after their interview. It was a small envelope, which had me pretty...
  4. BenS

    Disney contracting in-park bus service to mears?

    I'm leaving DHS right now after waiting in the longest line I've ever seen for a bus (going to all-star music) and I noticed that a lot (1/4?) of the buses going to hotels right now are mears shuttles instead of Disney transport buses. I've never seen them do this before, does Disney now have...
  5. BenS

    Resort discount strangeness

    I'll be visiting the world this august with some friends. One of these friends happens to be an airline employee, and I'd read online that airline employees can get discounts of up to 40-50% off resort prices. Now since we're staying at a value resort (All-Star Movies) and during a really...
  6. BenS

    Mousegear music question

    Does anyone know the name of the "clock gear" song that plays in Mousegear occasionally? Is it from a movie or is it an original park song? If it's original, is it available on mousebits or a similar site? Thanks!
  7. BenS

    spaceship earth scorched!?

    There appear to be burn marks on the top of SSE! Just minutes ago I noticed this from the monorail (I'm on a mobile device) I don't know what couldve caused it, it wasn't there yesterday. I got pictures, I'll post them when I get home tomorrow.
  8. BenS


    Just testing if this will work without javascript
  9. BenS

    Is this a contract violation?

    Ok, as far as I know Disney's official chocolate supplier is Nestle, right? Which you would think to mean that they can only sell, use or promote Nestle chocolate, but as you can see in the picture (which I covertly took at max zoom through a window) they are using Hershey's chocolate for the...
  10. BenS

    Title Glitch

    Whenever I access a thread by going to the latest post the title is messed up. Instead of saying "WDWMAGIC.COM Forums - Thread Name", it says: "WDWMAGIC.COM Forums - Thread Name#post[postid]". This only happens when I go to the latest post in a thread. Crazy part: When I view the source of a...
  11. BenS

    Testing new avatar

    Spankin', ain't it?
  12. BenS

    Firework Storage

    Illuminations Fireworks are stored behind the China pavillion. It may have something to do with the fact that they were invented in China. They have a master storage facility at Orlando International Airport.
  13. BenS

    People drive me crazy sometimes! (vent)

    I recently heard a "Modern English" version of Juliet's "What's in a name?" speech and guess what one line said? You got it: "Romeo, Romeo, where are you Romeo?" People! "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo" is not asking where Romeo is! It means "Romeo, Romeo, why are you Romeo?" I'm...
  14. BenS

    I have converted.

    No, don't worry, the Jehovah's Witnesses haven't gotten to me yet ;) I'm talking about a very different kind of conversion. Today I used MacOS 10 for the first time, and I now feel deprived while using this IBM laptop of mine. You see my school just got a nice new set of Laptops, Apple...
  15. BenS

    3D glasses with regular glasses

    As some of you know, I recently was diagnosed with astigmatism and got my first pair of eyeglasses. I was just wondering how the glasses that they use at 3D shows work with normal eyeglasses. Do they go over them or should I start looking into LASIK? :lol:
  16. BenS

    Would you like to see a tribute to Alien Encounter in Stich?

    I know I certainly would. Maybe they could put the XS logo on a machine in the que or something, sorta like the Mighty Microscope being hidden in Star Tours in Disneyland (I'm not sure if that's true, btw) or the Horizons logo in Mission Space. What do you guys think?
  17. BenS

    Ain't the Windows taskbar great?

    You see Windows realized that I didn't see the images the first time, so it reminds me several more times. Sometimes I want to throw this computer out the window, but them I remember the price of a new one. :rolleyes:
  18. BenS

    Was the post count re-built?

    I'm pretty sure I just dropped a few posts. I know I have some that wouldn't be counted anymore because they were in one of the April Fools threads that were moved to chit-chat.
  19. BenS

    Announcements/Site Stuff at the bottom

    I'd just like to say that I like that idea. Seeing the WDW sections at the top reinforces that the site is about WDW, not WDWMagic :)
  20. BenS

    Want a headache?

    Figure this out: The following statement is false. The above statement is true. I read that on the web once, don't remember where. :p
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