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  1. Anjin

    News Reimagined Toontown coming

    That's exciting. I'm glad MMRR gave them an excuse to refresh Toontown.
  2. Anjin


    Pixar Pals went up without public funds and we don't see Disney asking for help with the Eastern Gateway. Things seem to have changed with the company. (If I'm mistaken, please let me know.)
  3. Anjin

    News Jessica Rabbit's Car Toon Spin

    Considering how she is portrayed in the Roger Rabbit shorts, I imagine she will be costumed appropriately for a PI, but with her signature silhouette. I really think she's being updated to change her from a damsel in the ride to an active participant. Which was the reason for updating the...
  4. Anjin

    Jessica Rabbit removed from Trunk- Roger Rabbits Cartoon Spin

    If it's supposed to be a Toon Town production, then I think it gets a pass for using Comic Sans. As far as the format goes, that's indefensible if it is really appearing in the ride/queue. That looks more like something you'd hang on a construction wall to draw intereat, not an actual product...
  5. Anjin

    News Jessica Rabbit's Car Toon Spin

    Car Toon Spin is quite long in the tooth now. I love the movie and enjoy the ride, so I'm glad to see it finally getting an update. And if focusing the story on Jessica means she's in the ride more, I'll take that as a good thing. 😉
  6. Anjin

    The Miscellaneous Thought Thread

    They know it well enough that it holds a position of equal prominence alongside Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar on the Disney+ home screen.
  7. Anjin

    Splash Mountain Announcement for Disneyland

    I actually love all three of these ideas. I had forgotten that O' Brother Where Art Thou is a Touchstone film.
  8. Anjin

    Splash Mountain Announcement for Disneyland

    This actually seems like a fun idea. Let's turn it into a game. Here are the rules: 1. Bob Chapek has, upon hearing this idea, agreed that tossing out Pooh for Tiana is a magnificent idea. (They can always find somewhere else for Pooh.) He has put you in charge of the Critter Country project...
  9. Anjin

    Maybe the Eisner Renaissance was bizarre. I mean nothing says "celebrate DL's anniversary" like dead guests on Jungle Cruise for lulz.

    I know that audience scores are interesting in aggregate, but the individual users.... I found one 5 star rating from a woman looking forward to the movie coming out on CD. And I found a 1 star rating with the comment "i haven't seen it yet".
  10. Anjin

    News Disneyland Magic Key (new Annual Pass program - Dream and Believe Key Sold Out)

    Why aren't the key on the logo and the pin parallel?!? I'm assuming that whoever did that hates me personally.
  11. Anjin

    News Disneyland Magic Key (new Annual Pass program - Dream and Believe Key Sold Out)

    I feel for the CMs having to ask "are you a dream key holder?" 😂 I'm not sure concerned about payment plans with this program. If reservations keep the park sane, it doesn't matter how you paid. The main bottleneck will be in competition for reservations. We'll have to see how that goes. I...
  12. Anjin

    Splash Mountain Announcement for Disneyland

    I haven't done the research myself, but the You Must Remember This podcast did a (mostly) excellent six part series on Song of the South that touches on the minstral roots of the Brer characters. It was convincing enough that I feel even more sure that the ride is past its time. The first...
  13. Anjin

    Coranavirus Disneyland General Discussion

    According to Wikipedia, 81.6% of the US population is using a smartphone. I guess if Google or Apple is tracking your every movement, it's okay.
  14. Anjin

    All things Universal Studios Hollywood

    I went through and unblocked everyone when the parks reopened because I thought we'd get back to some interesting conversations. It was a mistake. Block early, block often folks.
  15. Anjin

    Somehow the Submarines Will Return... In Winter 2021

    2 ideas: - The bad one: the next Avatar film is supposed to take place underwater. Talk about synergy! - The wishful thinking idea: they could dust of Tony Baxter's Discovery Bay design and build an appropriately sized version facing the lagoon. Keep the subs or build a new water ride out front.
  16. Anjin

    Jungle Cruise Update

    I'm glad that you can self-identify that this prejudice is without merit. Everyone has different priorities and making broad sweeping assumptions about people would be pretty dumb. There is an argument to be made that these folks may have an entirely different set of values than others. There...
  17. Anjin

    Disneyland introduces so cal resident discount tickets for the summer

    I'm sure DLR will try several options before giving up and returning the annual passport. If APs really do return by the end of the year, I would read that as a sign that Disney is addicted to that easy money, all talk of positive guest experiences be damned.
  18. Anjin

    The Miscellaneous Thought Thread

    Just read the article on this and... What the ****ing ****?!? Disneyland gets away with a lot with me, but this would absolutely murder any desire for me to pay these high prices for admission if there are additional ride charges.
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