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  1. Jwhee

    TDL Tomorrowland Entrance

    The entrance to Tomorrowland at Tokyo Disneyland still has the retro entrance that Magic Kingdom used to have. Only difference is I cannot seem to find any photos of the 2 pillars acting as fountains. The Orlando pillars had water spilling from them, but I can’t seem to find any indication that...
  2. Jwhee

    VIDEO- Universal Spectacle Night Parade testing

    I was able to catch a glimpse of testing for the new USJ night parade while walking back to my hotel. Enjoy
  3. Jwhee

    Transformative Multi-Year Expansion Announced for WDS Paris

    Disney Parks Blog: "This morning, Disney Chairman and CEO Robert A. Iger announced plans for a two billion euro, multi-year expansion for Disneyland Paris alongside French President Emmanuel Macron at the Palais de l’Elysée in Paris. The new development will include a transformation of Walt...
  4. Jwhee

    Universal Orlando opens new million dollar production facility

    Universal Studios Florida Production group just renovated the old Nick Studios for $1.2 million dollars to create a new state of the art production support facility. The new space can house offices for up to 168 people and has new editing facilities and more. Interesting move, because we all...
  5. Jwhee

    DisneySea planning help

    Hi! In serious need of help for planning 1 day at DisneySea in April. Apparently early April will be pretty packed. Looking for a good plan at DisneySea, like which fastpasses to get first etc. skipping Midway Mania. Any help is welcomed
  6. Jwhee

    Backyard Nighttime Spectaculars

    Didnt know where to post this, so I figured the imagineering board would be a good place! I recently created my own "nighttime spectacular" for the 4th Of July, involving pyrotechnics, flame throwers, music and projection. Has anyone else made their own night shows? If so, please share!
  7. Jwhee

    April Trip Report

    I finally made my first visit to Disneyland Paris! We stayed in the castle club area at Disneyland Hotel. The piano in our room was signed by Michael Jackson! On the first day we went to Walt Disney Studios and Disney Village. The second day we did Disneyland Paris and a little bit of Walt...
  8. Jwhee

    Video of Backlot Trams abandoned in field

    So it's been like 2+ years since the ride closed, and these guys are still sitting in a field off Disney property. Not sure why they have not been scrapped, but they haven't. I was able to take this video with a drone.
  9. Jwhee

    Terminator 2:3D Refurbishment?

    Quite a few people including @marni1971 have been hinting at some upgrades coming to T2:3D. The details have not been given, but apparently it has a large budget. Lets make this the place to discuss.
  10. Jwhee

    MK, River Country & Discovery Island Fly Over

    I had the chance to soar above the Magic Kingdom resorts area on a helicopter. The no-fly zone only applies to aircraft below 3,000 feet. We elevated above 3,000 feet and I was able to grab some neat photos. You can see them all here http://goo.gl/YW8gUi
  11. Jwhee

    Disneyland Paris Closing This Weekend

    Due to the major terror attacks taking place in Paris on Friday, November the 13th 2015, Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios Park will be closed from 11/14-11/15 as of now. France currently in a state of emergency.
  12. Jwhee

    Captain EO final show on 12/6 - Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival to be the replacement

    Captain Eo will be having its "farewell mission" on December 6th, per the sign outside of the attraction. Replacement, another Wonders Of Life or Innoventions West? Discuss.
  13. Jwhee

    WDW Attractions That Need To Be Retired

    Which WDW attractions do you think need to be retired? Ellen's Energy Adventure.. as soon as she picks up the giant telephone, you think of how outdated it is. Tomorrowland Dance Party- BURN IT
  14. Jwhee

    New Sound Stage Lounge At DHS

    A sound stage lounge, featuring benches and a trash can has opened at dhs. It is in the lobby of the old Jack Sparrow attraction. https://twitter.com/daveh787/status/616621872319496192
  15. Jwhee

    Captain EO preshow stage?

    does anyone know what the stage in the front of the Captain EO/Magic Eye (former Captain Eo) was used for? It just has a random podium and it sits in complete darkness
  16. Jwhee

    Lights Motors Action Entrance Sign Removed

    According to some people on Twitter, the lights motors action sign at the entrance to DHS has been removed. Can anyone confirm?
  17. Jwhee

    Tapestry Of Nations Puppets Found At Disney Sea

    Ever wonder what happened to the Disc Man puppets from Tapestry Of Nations at Epcot? Around 6 of them were sent to Disney Sea in 2003 to be used for its second anniversary parade, they were kept in the disc man shape. In around 2009(ish) the puppets were completely modified and used for their...
  18. Jwhee

    The un-known fate of props

    Sometimes, when one of our favorite Walt Disney World attractions close down, we all want to get our hands on one of the props! One of my favorite attractions, Tapestry Of Nations/Dreams, closed in 2003, and I've always wondered what happened to the drum units. Today while watching a very old...
  19. Jwhee

    Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It! In the Fl Citrus Parade

    I thought this was pretty cool, Walt Disney World brought part of MISID&PI to the 2014 Florida Citrus Parade this morning, it will be on one of the Orlando news channels before the Buffalo Wild Wings bowl
  20. Jwhee

    DHS New Years Fireworks

    How are the New Years fireworks at DHS compared to the other parks? I was thinking about standing on the walking trail to the boardwalk and watching. Any good?
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