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  1. Crazydisneyfanluke

    Rumor Magic Kingdom 50th Refurbishments

    As information becomes available, I will update this post and provide where I found the information. Here is the list of rumored refurbs for the 50th: FantasyLand: Mickey's Philharmagic (Martin) "it's a small world" (Martin) Mad Tea Party (Walrus) Cinderella Castle to receive "extensive work"...
  2. Crazydisneyfanluke

    Universal Orlando to reveal 'Major News' at press conference next week

  3. Crazydisneyfanluke

    Holiday Decoration Watch

    We are coming closer and closer to the first MNSSHP. According to DPB Halloween merchandise are already in stores. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2016/08/faboolous-halloween-merchandise-now-available-at-disney-parks/
  4. Crazydisneyfanluke


  5. Crazydisneyfanluke

    Special Birthday - Help!

    I am trying to plan a special birthday at Epcot for one of my family members. We want to go big (willing to pay extra) but we are on a budget. I am wondering if there is any special surprises or events (like dessert party), their prices and your opinion if you experience one. Thank you for...
  6. Crazydisneyfanluke

    Epcot Update 12/18/2015

    Was at Epcot on Friday, saw a few things that was under construction for NYE and a support column at Test Track. Test track: Rode it twice, the lasers in the scanning part for economic (i believe) was not working. everything else looked fine Soarin': Didn't get a picture of this, but it looks...
  7. Crazydisneyfanluke

    Star Wars Battlefront Beta Starts Today

    The beta will be live from 10/8-10/12 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You can download it off the store on your console or download it through Origin. Let me know what you guys think of the beta!
  8. Crazydisneyfanluke

    Festival of fantasy

    I'm just wondering if there has been a release of FoF Merchandise, If so is there any pictures of them, and what is the price?
  9. Crazydisneyfanluke

    New Pins coming in 2014

    Today Disney parks blog posted a glimpse of pins coming in 2014. http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2013/12/first-look-at-new-pins-coming-to-disney-parks-in-2014/ Im looking forward to get the spectromagic pin and the 25th anniversary DHS pin. What are you excited for? what new pins do you...
  10. Crazydisneyfanluke

    Christmas Watch

    Has anyone spotted any Christmas decorations up around the parks and resorts?
  11. Crazydisneyfanluke

    Halloween Music

    Hey guys and gals, it is getting closer to halloween and was wondering what your favorite halloween music is? I love the MNSSHP Music loop in fantasy land, anyone know where i can find it? Thanks! Happy Halloween!!
  12. Crazydisneyfanluke

    Wild Artic

    I rode Wild arctic the other day and thought it seemed "out dated". the ride was very intense and my niece hurt her neck. I also noticed that the area is dead, no line at all for any attractions in the area. I got thinking, they should update the ride. Remodel the whole area, and update the...
  13. Crazydisneyfanluke

    Booking for New Years Eve

    Hello everyone, I am planning to visit the world over new years and take on the crowds and have some fun. I am just wondering if booking is open for dinning at the Rose and Crown Pub for New years eve at EPCOT, or is it fully booked?
  14. Crazydisneyfanluke

    Old WDW Pictures

    Hi there! The past couple of weeks i have noticed a lot of people posting old pictures of WDW. I thought it might be a great to compare what WDW use to look like to what it looks like now. ill start it off here:
  15. Crazydisneyfanluke

    Imagineering job shawdoing

    Hi, I would like to one day be a Imagineer at Disney. I am inspired by the creator of World of Color, Fantasmic! In Tokyo and Disney Dreams at DLP, Steve Davison. I would like to know if there is a way to shadow a Imagineer for a day. I know that Steve is a busy guy and is working on new shows...
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