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  1. disney fan 13

    Miceage Update: New Soarin film by 2015, DHS refurb on the way.

    http://micechat.com/31294-miceage-mickeys-boomtown/ Plus all of the Disneyland Dark rides getting updates for the 60th.
  2. disney fan 13

    More Bad News For Seaworld...

    http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/01/17/us-seaworld-sale-idUSBRE90G12920130117 Comcast should get some cash together and buy it up, that way they would be a much larger foe to Disney.
  3. disney fan 13

    Theme Park Studio: The Next Generation Of Theme Park Sims.

    http://micechat.com/20555-theme-park-studio-a-first-look/ Looks pretty good, and there are some nice video's on they're Facebook as well.
  4. disney fan 13

    Cinspec during Mardi Gras

    Hey guys, I was wondering,is Cinspec going to be open during Mardi Gras?
  5. disney fan 13

    Has anyone here ever gotten sick on a cruise?

    I have, not fun. I was on the Freedom Of The Seas (yes I know not disney cruise...) this past June and on my Cozumel day I came down with what I figured out later to be a milder version of the Norovirus, though it still is one of the most terrible feelings i've had in my life... And because of...
  6. disney fan 13

    Kevin Yee- Airing of Grievances

    Thought this article sums up my feelings perfectly. http://micechat.com/17628-walt-disney-world-grievences/
  7. disney fan 13

    When will WDW go over the cliff?

    I don't think many can argue that WDW has been in decline for the past decade.From the loss of quality in attractions, food, and general upkeep,along with the overbuilding of hotels,lack of new quality rides, overbranding to the 3-10 market, and major unneeded price hikes has made it foreseeable...
  8. disney fan 13

    The Universal Rumors thread

    Hey guys, I was just thinking we should have a dedicated thread to put all the rumors/news for UOR. To start us off... Updated 11/3/13 Completed *Springfield Expansion-Expansion of Springfield area to turn it into more of a subland with new restaurants (Moe's, Krusty Burger, Cletus Chicken...
  9. disney fan 13

    Help... CA trip cancelled, need help planning a new one...

    Hey guys, well my family was planning on seeing Extended family in California in December and while we were there I had managed to squeeze in two days at DLR... Well that trip is cancelled ( don't ask why) and I am trying to figure out a way to get out there next December or summer with the...
  10. disney fan 13

    Photo requests

    Hey guys, I'm going to be at Rock The Universe on the 8th and was wondering if anyone had any photo requests. (iPhone camera)
  11. disney fan 13

    E.T... How much longer does it have?

    With the rumored Kidzone revamp on its way after Potter, will E.T get the boot?
  12. disney fan 13

    Transformers:The Ride Construction Thread

    Since Potter 2.0 has it's own thread, I believe TF should get one as well, So here we can post rumors, construction pictures, and as time progresses,spoilers, here. So let's get started!
  13. disney fan 13

    Express for HRRR at ROU?

    Hey guys, I'm going to Rock the universe with a group and was wondering if anyone knew if HRRR would be participating in express during the event? Just realized I messed up the acronym in the title...
  14. disney fan 13

    2016... Do you think that Uni will be worth a $100 ticket?

    In 2016, Potter Phase 2 and Transformers will be open at the studios. and maybe a new ride at IOA, or something with kids zone.Along with rumored refurbishments, Do you think that these will bring the Parks up to that value?
  15. disney fan 13

    15 things you would do to improve UOR

    Ok so imagine you are made the big boss at UO, what would you do to make UO it better? My 20 are 1. Change twister to it being a production company that is trying to make a movie about twisters and they want you to be the star's of the show main changes would be -change and shorten pre...
  16. disney fan 13

    Disneyland resort closed

    EDITOR’S NOTE 3/3: 9:30am Disneyland Resort (both parks, Downtown Disney) is closed right now due to a security concern. We'll update as info becomes available.
  17. disney fan 13

    Any News?

    Anyone have any news on the rumored indoor queue for BTM since I saw a photo update recently and it does not seem like anything is being done to the queue?
  18. disney fan 13

    Rip Saw Falls under refurb again?

    So I was reading the Orlando Parkhopper and they reported rip saw was down for refurb again. Anyone know what is going on?
  19. disney fan 13


    This thread is the first of five which deal with fixing WDW. This thread is where everyone interested can discuss fixing Epcot. The way I think we should go about this is to start outside and work our way in. so... to get this started, What should we do with leave a legacy EDIT here is what i...
  20. disney fan 13


    found this over at parkrumors.com http://parkrumors.com/lost-continent-demolition-evidence-for-hogwarts-express/
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