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  1. gobstoper27

    Trip Report Met my #GOALS, but I need do-over trip report!!

    Hi Friends! I'm so excited to finally document my adventures with my first trip report. I've had intentions to make one for several years now so YAY!! We've just returned from our quick, 4-ish day trip at WDW. I had set a few goals that I wanted to accomplish this time around that you can read...
  2. gobstoper27

    Cancelling a Homecoming reservation 3/5/21 8:20PM any takers??

    Hi Friends- I have a Homecomin reservation that I plan to cancel in the next day or so. It is for 3 people on 3/5 @ 8:20PM I wanted to come here and see if anyone wanted it first. We can try a simultaneous cancel/book. If anyone is interested, PM me :)
  3. gobstoper27

    Pre-Trip # Goals Trip Report

    Hey there- I'm Whitney. I'm an avid reader of the trip reports here and have always dreamt of writing my own trip report. We'll start with this pre-report and see if I'll be able to fully commit :p:p Some Details Who: Me, the spouse, our little one (4) and my nephew (13) When: March 3rd-March...
  4. gobstoper27


    With the recent announcements of the changes and restrictions in effect when WDW reopens; who has decided to cancel their WDW trip? How are you feeling. What were you looking forward to? What were your dates and where were you staying. When do you plan on going back? Thanks for sharing! My...
  5. gobstoper27

    If you HAD to lose one when the parks reopen, which would you pick

    With all the craziness going on and thinking about what the parks might be like when it eventually opens; I've been thinking, what could I give up and still have a semi-enjoyable time. I know everything will open in phases and to be honest it probably won't be very enjoyable or what we're used...
  6. gobstoper27

    Fill in the blanks!

    I thought this might be fun to see all the possible responses, so just copy and paste and fill in the blanks. I've been to Disneyworld ____________ times and haven't rode/tried ___________ because ______________. I've been to Disneyworld 4 times and haven't rode Carousel of Progress because I...
  7. gobstoper27

    Need Help. Park hopping HS and AK, which park should we advance fastpass

    Hi everyone, My FP window opens up this Friday (and I have a 7AM flight :eek: ) Hoping its a bit delayed Anywhoo...I'm Heading to the world 11/12-11/18 Planning to Park hop over 3 days and will be visiting HS and AK on Weds 11/13 Touring plans show HS @ a 5 and AK @ a 2 as far as crowd levels...
  8. gobstoper27

    Table vs Quick/ Counter Service

    In a single trip how much of your dining plans consist of table service vs quick/counter service? My 180 day opens up on Thursday and I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to proceed. We did 4-ish table service restaurants my last trip (not sure if Lunch @ Be our Guest counts) and I'm having an...
  9. gobstoper27

    Galaxy's Edge (Disneyland) Entry News

    Hi, I came across this interesting article in Travel and Leisure today. https://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-news/disneyland-star-wars-land-may-2019 New details are not confirmed by Disney but if they are true, I feel like they could shake up some folks Galaxy's Edge travel plans. Key points...
  10. gobstoper27

    Disney Resorts updated Credit Card payment policy Feb 2019

    hi- I wanted to share what I just learned regarding the new Credit Card policy if you're staying on-site! please correct me if this is old news, I have yet to see it any where and wanted all to be aware...
  11. gobstoper27

    POP Century Buildings

    Hi All, Can anyone offer insight as to what buildings are more"preferable" at Pop Century? I know all the rooms will be remodeled when I visit in the fall, I just wasn't sure if some buildings offer more convenience than others. Thanks in advance!!
  12. gobstoper27

    Transportation with little ones, carseats and UBER help needed!

    Hi. I'll be traveling with a child under 2 (21 Months) and had a few Questions regarding car seats and other things. Some background- We'll be doing a split stay. first half of the trip will be Disney and the 2nd half will be Universal. We were thinking of just using resort transportation for...
  13. gobstoper27

    Share your 2k17 Disney Halloween costumes

    I'm still experiencing my Halloween hangover! If you or your family/ friends had Disney inspired costumes this year, I'd love to see them!! Here is ours. We're clearly inspired by Monster's Inc. but someone thought I was Dora the Explorer o_Oo_Oo_O ( I kind of get the resemblance...)
  14. gobstoper27

    Room price increase with infant

    Hi- Can anyone explain why the room rate increases so much when you add an infant? They're not full-sized.....When booking, if you don't indicate that an infant is traveling, will there be issues when you check-in? Please note that I've never traveled with a baby before, that's why I'm asking...
  15. gobstoper27

    Magic Water?!?

    Hi there, I was just reading an article on MSN regarding theme park secrets. We know that if you ask for a cup of water you'll get a small cup free of charge. Has anyone ever heard of magic water though? Apparently, if you ask for "magic water" at any food counter, you"ll get a free cup of...
  16. gobstoper27

    Cutest Disney clothing for your little one!!

    Hi there. I know some parents love to dress their kiddies in Disney "duds" lol. I wanted to share this clothing brand that I found out about on Instagram. It's an online shop www.wildrichkids.com they have the cutest Disney clothes, primarily for girls. There are a few adult items as well...
  17. gobstoper27

    Feasibility of visiting parks with toddler.....and staying offsite

    Hi there, Here's a bit of back story...I was planning on visiting the world last September for my 30th birthday ; hotel room was booked (at Universal though ) and we were finalizing our itinerary when I found out in May that I was preggo with my little monster. We decided to cancel, (my...
  18. gobstoper27

    Help...Candy/Caramel Apple Question

    hi- I'm looking to re-create this apple for a party I'm throwing(I haven't purchased one since 2013).. I can't remember/tell from the photo if these are dipped in caramel then the chocolate, or only dipped in chocolate. does anyone know? thanks!
  19. gobstoper27

    I'll be 30 this year, when was the best time to visit DW

    Over the past 30 years, when was the best time to visit Disneyworld? I know a lot of forum diehards claim its not what it used to be so I want to know between the years of 1986-2016, when did you enjoy it most. For me I have to say 2009, because that's when I was introduced to the World! I know...
  20. gobstoper27

    Disney Night on Dancing with the Stars

    Tonight is Disney night on dancing with the stars!! Is anyone watching??:) I am!!
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