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  1. ABQ

    Horizons: Revisited

    I didn't see this posted yet, and I swear I did search. But Retro WDW posted a newly remastered Horizons ride through. Actually, they posted a few versions of it including 3D remasters and the like. The audio is very good and the video, pretty much as good as I've seen for the era it was...
  2. ABQ

    D23 Announcement message

    This is about the best thing I've read all week on this forum. Great move!
  3. ABQ

    Iger hired by Carson Holdings...

    So, should it be expected that it will take 7 years to build a stadium? Assuming everything Iger does takes Disney years to complete? http://www.latimes.com/sports/sportsnow/la-sp-sn-nfl-carson-bob-iger-disney-20151111-story.html
  4. ABQ

    C|Net backstage at World of Color and 60th anniversary in general

    Not sure if these have been posted, can't seem to find them, but I don't visit the DLR section of the forums much. However, C|Net posted couple new videos with some backstage access Can't seem to embed them into the thread, but here are links...
  5. ABQ

    For all the grammar police out there

    Weird Al has come to the rescue. @cw1982 , I think you'll be especially appreciative of this one.
  6. ABQ

    Cancelling Comcast? Have you heard this poor guy's call?

    https://soundcloud.com/ryan-block-10/comcastic-service http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/14/the-comcast-call-from-hell_n_5586476.html
  7. ABQ

    Radio Telescopes or satellite dishes formerly @ EPCOT

    So I just somehow happened to find myself watching this "monorail study" video...and don't worry, this thread has zero to do with monorails outside of the vantage point you gain when riding the EPCOT line. Anyway, the film was shot in '92 apparently and gives some wonderful views of Futureworld...
  8. ABQ

    Eddie Sotto re-designed LAX restaurant closure.

    Couldn't find this mentioned anywhere, and though it's not WDW related, I figured the Eddie Sotto history gives it a pass. http://disneyandmore.blogspot.com/2014/01/lax-airport-encounter-restaurant.html Plenty of info and photos found on the link above. blurb from article "The Los Angeles...
  9. ABQ

    Cat living at Poly

    Sorry if this has been pointed out before. Did a search and found nothing. Spotted this little black kitty out near the pool at the Poly. Cell phone camera poor quality. Anyone else seen this cat?
  10. ABQ

    splash mountain is dry today.

    :( And I had a fast pass.
  11. ABQ

    Point and shoot opinion

    I'm looking for a little opinion assistance from the exceptionally skilled photography crowd around here. Though I own a nice Nikon D90 DSLR (nope, not the top of the line by any means, but what I could afford at the time and my skill set doesn't warrant much more than that) I've taken the...
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