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  1. newhorizons1

    Trip Report Herding Cats - Pandemic Style!

    Hi everyone! I am back (a few weeks now actually) from our annual trip to Walt Disney World! It's been awhile since my last trip report, and I have several to catch up on reading, but hey, they make me happy, and I hope this one will make you happy too. The details: It was myself, my husband...
  2. newhorizons1

    Trip Report *COMPLETED* The Spookiest, Scariest, Merriest Hallowmas Ever!

    Hi everyone! Welcome to my trip report! I’m about a week and a half back from a full week of late nights, early mornings, long nap times, milk breaks, and child swaps. This trip was over a year in the making and supposed to be my son’s first visit to Walt Disney World. Plans changed and we...
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