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  1. Mr_Incredible

    1st time DLR or stick with what you know WDW ?

    Hey all! My family and I have been to WDW multiple times, and really enjoy staying on site, enjoying the pools, and taking advantage of Disney Dinning to eat at places we never could before. However, with our next trip planning underway, we brought up the topic of going to California, and...
  2. Mr_Incredible

    Using sit down credits for QS ?

    If we stayed at POR during free dining but didnt want to use 7 or 8 sit downs, can we substitue Quick service for the sit down credits? I know you can't do it the other way around... I am sorry if this was (most likely) asked before, but I couldnt find it via search. Thanks!!
  3. Mr_Incredible

    O'hana for Thanksgiving

    Going to Universal for Thanksgiving week, but the family wants to do O'hana for thanksgiving dinner. Anyone go this past November? What are the menu offerings? The same? Whats the prices like? We can make ressies in less than 2 weeks, wanted to get some opinions on it. Thanks so much in advanced.
  4. Mr_Incredible

    Animal kingdom this morning

    Was walking through dinoland USA and passed a bunch of people in dress shirts, Disney name tags, and iPads. One of the dress shirt wearing gentlemen was telling another man dressed down compared to the others about park statistics, percentage of the park that's merchandise etc. Anyone know of...
  5. Mr_Incredible

    Park Hopper / Parking

    If I pay for parking at animal kingdom, then use my park hopper and drive to MK will I have to pay for additional parking there?
  6. Mr_Incredible

    How 'bout this?!?

    So my wife and I finished an incredible (pun intended) vacation in September, and figured we wouldnt be back for a long time. In fact, we are going to Universal for thanksgiving in 2013, but no disney. Until NOW! We are also traveling to West Palm in April to visit family.....and on our way...
  7. Mr_Incredible

    Crowds in November leading up to Turkey day

    We are planning on going to Uni for a week from the 23rd-30th. Meaning the week of thanksgiving. Based on the calendars I find online, I see it's slow that weekend and mon-wednesday, with it being moderate/busy from t-day on. Can anyone confirm? Thanks :)
  8. Mr_Incredible

    The "Hey....ITS VACATTIIOOONN" Post Trip Report

    Well our amazing 10 day 9 night trip is in the books. Incredible time. We got soaked at Animal Kingdom and it wasn't from Kali River Rapids! However, we had an amazing time, amazing food (with pics) and I will be sure to update this thread throughout the weekend! Stay patient....there is a lot...
  9. Mr_Incredible

    Fantasy Land Expansion reminder

    Remember when this expansion mostly meant Pixie Hallow?!!? haha. I am so glad they decided to change and update what they were doing. TDO doesn't get enough credit for that decision. True, they originally had made the wrong decision, but to admit a mistake and change everything. Good stuff...
  10. Mr_Incredible

    Ummm....sooo.... *bites nails*

  11. Mr_Incredible

    Fantasmic Show!!

    We will be at WDW Sept. 14-23 and we have never seen the Fantasmic Show at HS. What would be a good time to get there, so we can get good seats for our DS4 and DD12??
  12. Mr_Incredible

    Crystal palace!!

    So we have a ressie at 8:05 am we plan on being there about 15 minutes early... We also have the Pirates League at 9:30am do you think we will be out on time without rushing alot..We want to be able to take pictures with all the characters and have a nice breakfast...Any input would be great!!!
  13. Mr_Incredible

    2013 Bounceback??

    Now that they released 2013 rates, has anyone received a 2013 bounceback in there room?? I am really hoping we get one in Sept. when we arrive or during our trip!!
  14. Mr_Incredible

    Cali Grill Reservation Sept 22nd 7:45 pm Available

    I know the old forum had a sticky thread for these I think ? If not, I just cancelled this ressie if anyone wants it!!! It was for 4 people.
  15. Mr_Incredible

    The "O'hana Means 'family'" Sept Pre-Trip Report !!!

    Well this is the first time I have done a PTR. DW and I are very excited about it. We both share this user name, so we are definitely both involved with this PTR, and will be for our TR. (I am dreading the trip being over to even do a TR, so I won't think about that right now lol. I will start...
  16. Mr_Incredible

    Everything Paid Off!!!

    So happy to have our entire trip paid off for September. Our accommodations with free dining, stroller rented through Kingdom Strollers and of course the Photopass+... Im so excited and only 68 days to go!!! Wooohooo
  17. Mr_Incredible

    California Grill Attire?

    We finally got a reservation for our Sept. trip for dinner at 7:45. We will be heading there right from MK, are we going to have to go back to our resort to change or will they allow park attire cloths? Any suggestions would be helpful, thank you!!!
  18. Mr_Incredible

    Tonga Toast at Ohana Breakfast??

    So if you have a reservation at Ohana for breakfast can you order Tonga Toast??
  19. Mr_Incredible

    Ddp t-rex

    Can you order the chocolate extinction for desert on the DDP?? Just wondering it looks really cool my DS would love it!!
  20. Mr_Incredible

    Help us pass the time!

    As we are sitting here listening to EPCOT park music.....we are going CRAZY 150 days out!!!!! We have exhausted almost any food pictures here and at DISboards.....we look at park pictures daily, and it's starting to really drive us nuts. ADRs are made, reservations are almost paid off in...
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