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  1. PasstheDisneyPlease

    Just downloaded the Lyft app!

    Hey y'all! After reading the posts about the Minnie Van service, I downloaded the Lyft app for our upcoming trip in June. We have a Bon Voyage Breakfast Ressie @ 7:45am on our last Saturday. Can you pre-book a pick up via the app? Or do you need to do it at check-in on your first day? I'm sorry...
  2. PasstheDisneyPlease

    Hey Y'all!

    I wondered over here after a few years of lurking on the site! Y'all are a great community and I'm so thankful to be a part! I've been to WDW a lot (was CM in college) and have been out to DL once! Hope you're having a great morning and here's to happy posting!
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