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  1. Boknowsleo

    Uber pick up at WDW resort for trip to Universal?

    I've never used Uber in WDW. Are they able to pick a group of us up at front door of Beach Club Resort and trek us up to Universal Studios? Has anyone done this? Is there a better way?
  2. Boknowsleo

    Every 3 Years, Just Too Far Apart!

    Planned and booked: Aug 5-15, 2016. Places: AoA Little Mermaid Aug 5-9, Beach Club Resort Aug 9-15. Who: Me, Wife, DD8yo & DD11yo. Last went Oct 2013 and stayed at Polynesian Resort. Seems like I've been planning this trip since we left WDW. I constantly change things to try and make it a...
  3. Boknowsleo

    Staying at 2 resorts...luggage delivery?

    Our next trip we are starting out at Art of Animation for 4 nights and then moving to Beach Club Resort for 6 nights. How do we get our luggage to the second resort? We want go to Hollywood Studios the morning of check out at AoA and return to Beach Club for check in during the afternoon. Also...
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