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  1. danpam1024

    Black Friday

    Quick question for those who have gone to the parks on Black Friday- do the malls/stores keep the masses from the parks? Thinking of driving up for the day.
  2. danpam1024

    "Fantastic Worlds" 4th gate

    So, since Nintendoland hasn't been started yet, could it be because it will be one of the "worlds" in the 4th gate? I HOPE SO! http://themeparkuniversity.com/universal/could-fourth-universal-orlando-park-be-named-universals-fantastic-worlds/
  3. danpam1024


    I know the parks close early and have some restrictions on noise due to their "neighbors" in Dr. Philips area. Will the new park(s) have the same restrictions? The map looks like they won't have issues with "neighbors". And with that said- do you think they'll have more adult nightlife there?
  4. danpam1024

    Not much of a planner

    We used to go to WDW for 10-14 day trips annually, but stopped when FP+ was introduced. The OVER PLANNING is such a turn off...especially since my son loves UOR and we get free express pass when staying at Hard Rock. That being said, my husband wants to do one more "mega trip" in 2020 before...
  5. danpam1024

    Beach Club at HRH

    Last time we were at HRH (Oct), many of the bartenders said they were shutting down the main bar for the better part of January for an extensive re-furb. Anyone know if this actually happened? The re-furb of Emack and Bolio's was amazing, but I can't imagine Beach Club without the Tin Amigos!
  6. danpam1024

    Favorite Combo at Honk Honkers

    My dream come true...a gourmet cotton candy shop! I only had one (so far), but it was worth the 45 minute wait. Birthday cake with rainbow sprinkles on a unicorn pop-YUM! What's your favorite combo?
  7. danpam1024

    VooDoo Doughnuts in City Walk

    So the famous VooDoo Doughnuts has made it's way from Portland, OR to CW Hollywood. Any chance we will be getting some of these delicious concoctions in Orlando? (Going to Portland before our UOR trip in less than a month :D) It would make a delicious addition to our CW.
  8. danpam1024

    Where is Adventura Hotel going to be located?

    They're booking for August 2018 (my birthday month- guess where I'm going?!) I can't even imagine where there's room:confused:
  9. danpam1024

    Fave Adult Beverage

    With all the new stuff in the parks and CW, what is your favorite adult beverage (asking for a friend:inlove:) Mine: Barrel aged old fashioned at The Palm Bourbon Smash at Cowfish
  10. danpam1024

    New Ads

    The new ad campaign is amazing.
  11. danpam1024

    Are ALL the HHN Ticket options up yet?

    Trying to buy tickets for HHN with EP, unable to do it online, looks like only add-on tickets are up. :confused: I know I'm jumping the gun, they usually come out in May right? I'm just ready to go!:D
  12. danpam1024

    Taking my son's friend for the 1st time-advice?

    So we bit the bullet and are taking our son's friend for the first time (short trip for HHN). We got adjoining rooms at the HRH. The boys are 15. Told the parents we are paying for everything, he just needs money for souvieneers. Never done this before, any tips to those that have? My only...
  13. danpam1024

    New Website slow?

    Let me begin by stating, I thought there was absolutely nothing wrong with the old website, and I think the new site is WAY TOO BUSY and difficult to navigate (since I knew where everything was on the tidy old site). That said, I find it takes such a long time to load. Anyone else having this...
  14. danpam1024

    Could Loews take on a Nick Hotel?

    With W&W being demoed, there have been rumors of another hotel, perhaps a very large resort taking it's place. I caught a commercial of a Nick Resort in Punta Cana, and it is just incredible (Karisma Hotels property). Swim up rooms, all inclusive, multiple gourmet dining options, waterpark...
  15. danpam1024

    Virtual Queue beginning of the end for Express Pass?

    With Volcano Bay opening with all virtual lines, and now Race Through NY w/JF set to have a virtual line, do you think UOR plans to phase out EP over the next few years (depending on the success of virtual system)? I'm hoping the revenue they receive from EP is enough of a deterrent not to.
  16. danpam1024

    When did the CMs start locking everyone into Doom?

    Went this past weekend, last time we were there was HHN (mid Oct). The CMs belted us into Doom and had to unlock it with a key. I'm sure it is because people are idiots and unbelt during the ride, but was there a specific incident that caused this?
  17. danpam1024

    Will the new Mummy movie mean updates for a dated ride?

    NOT a Tom Cruise fan, but could the reboot mean possible updates for our ride? http://moviepilot.com/p/watch-new-mummy-full-trailer-2017/4161004?utm_source=fb-stream-post&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=new-full-trailer-for-the-mummy-just-premiered-watch-it-now
  18. danpam1024

    Escape Rooms

    Surprised UOR (or WDW for that matter) has jumped on the Escape Room bandwagon- any word if one may be added? So many IPs to choose from and an easy money maker IMO.
  19. danpam1024


    I called reservations before redeeming my Hard Rock Rewards free night voucher (thank goodness). Because of our schedules, we can really only go on a Saturday-Sunday I picked an off-peak time and there ARE rooms available for purchase. Of course no rooms for the rewards voucher. So I...
  20. danpam1024

    Streets of NY

    Does anyone know what's actually inside the buildings in the Streets of NY area? I'm surprised there aren't more shops and restaurants. Same thing for the SF area-storage? Seems like a LOT of wasted real estate.
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