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  1. 2bornot2be

    Is the “Magic” Disappearing at Walt Disney world

    I know we are in the middle of a pandemic but it seems that Disney is slowly taking away some of the “Magic” while staying at Disney. I know some items will return but some things seem to be gone for good. Free Parking Magic Bands (At least the free ones when arriving at Disney Hotel) Magical...
  2. 2bornot2be

    Best day of the week to visit each park

    I was starting on my 2014 Disney vacation this summer and started to think, Which is the best day to visit each park. In the past I would scheduled my days at each park based on EMH, but this normally get me in the park on very busy days. I know the summer is the one of the busiest times of...
  3. 2bornot2be

    If you had ONLY 2 days at WDW ....

    I was thinking if I only had 2 days at Disney World what would I do. - Would I try to visit multiple parks or - Would I visit just two parks. For me I would Visit MK one day and the visit AK and EPCOT the other day. Obliviously I would miss a lot. What would you do???
  4. 2bornot2be

    Authentic Walt Disney World Merchandise?

    During my last WDW trip we went off property to buy Souvenirs for family, friends, co-workers, etc... I noticed that authentic Disney merchandise found off-property was "Disney" merchandise, while on-property merchandise was "Walt Disney World" Merchandise. Has anyone else noticed this or...
  5. 2bornot2be

    Tomorrow Land Improvements...

    While reading Allyaker3 thread I was thinking, What could be done to improve Tomorrow Land. I don't think it needs a major overhaul like Fantasy Land, but it needs some help for sure. I would like to see - All of the restaurants in Tomorrow land replaced and upgraded. - Do something with the...
  6. 2bornot2be

    Disney movies that are underrepresented at Disney Parks

    I was just thinking with so many Excellent Disney movies in the past, some Disney movies that has done well in the Box Office but it has little to no present in the parks. This is a list of a few I movies that I can't understand why Disney don't have a Ride, Attraction or Characters...
  7. 2bornot2be

    Disney vs Rental Scooter

    Just returned from my trip to WDW and I had a great time. The only thing I was a little annoyed with was some of the people in scooters. I’m not trying to be non-sympathetic but some of the people in the scooters was just discourteous and rude. I'm only noting 2 Incidents but I had more...
  8. 2bornot2be

    Disney Photopass+ Problem?

    I have been trying to advance order Disney Photopass+ for 4 days now and I keep getting this stupid credit card error message. Once you get the error you have to wait 2 hours before making another attempt. I have called the Photopass number and they seem to be unhelpful. They are telling me that...
  9. 2bornot2be

    Changes to the Great Movie Ride, What would you do?

    After a recent post about the “The Great Movie Ride”. I was thinking if you could change The Great Movie Ride what changes you would make.
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