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  1. cba

    Mousesaver's Newsletter

    Hey everyone, I am planning an Orlando vacation this August, and while I just booked the hotel last night, I have yet to buy my tickets. This is due to the fact that I want to take advantage of Mousesaver's newsletter discount. I signed up last night, but I will be unable to actually receive...
  2. cba

    Disney Coaster Game

    I never played this as a kid, so this game isn't really nostalgic for me, but if you played this and want to relive your childhood memories, you can play Disney Coaster Game for free now. Yes, this is a legal, legit thing, you won't get in trouble, it works, blah blah blah (I heard about this on...
  3. cba

    Theme Park Studio?

    I've been hearing about this game for a while now, and it seems pretty cool. Has anyone here played it, and will it be worth getting when it goes on sale in Steam?
  4. cba

    WDW Books

    All of the sudden, I now have a sudden desire to read books on Disney World. Can anyone give me any recommendation? I'm specifically looking for history, construction, Imagineering, ect. I'm not looking for those vacation-planning books like Birnbaum's. Thanks!
  5. cba

    My Notre Dame and Chicago trip

    Note: I wasn't sure wether to put this thread here or in the Trip Report section, since this is non-WDW, so feel free to move. As I type right now I am on the Amtrak Northeast Regional to Philadelphia, after an eventful and awesome weekend, featuring a Notre Dame game and my first time in...
  6. cba

    Park Music You Can't Get Away From

    Is there any park music you just love to hear? So much that you have it saved on your computer or phone? Or just really like it? Anyways, what's your favorite music in WDW, or many favorites? I love the following: The Soarin' Music Star Tunnel Grim Grinning Ghosts Yo Ho Yo Ho a Pirates Life for...
  7. cba

    Six Flags Great Adventure new crazy free-fall ride

    http://games.yahoo.com/blogs/plugged-in/insane-six-flags-drop-doom-ride-packs-90-180517575.html Wow, that free fall ride is absolutely insane! But I'm mostly angry because they're taking away Rolling Thunder, as reported by the New York Daily News. I love that ride!
  8. cba

    Trip Report Heat, room upgrades, and wristbands, oh my! My first trip report and MyMagic+ Experience

    I've never done a trip report, and now that my vacation has ended so quickly, I must write this. Here goes nothing: Day 1, Part 1: I felt nothing but joy as I saw the entrance to Walt Disney World, just knowing of the memories we were going to have, and we were soon at the Contemporary's lobby...
  9. cba

    Walt Disney's Epcot vs. Today's Epcot

    Which do you prefer, the Experimental Prototype Community/City Of Tomorrow that Walt envisioned: Or today's theme park? (from wdwmagic.com)
  10. cba

    My Disney Channel/Radio Disney Rant

    Here it goes... I don't like Disney Channel very much. Far from it, actually. Same thing with Radio Disney. But first I'll start with Disney Channel (gives them an angry stare). The number one reason why I don't like Disney Channel is because IMO it doesn't say "Disney".It says "shows that try...
  11. cba

    The Utilidors

    Has anyone been down there? I've never been a castmember nor seen the "Keys to the Kingdom" tour so I don't know how it really looks like other than it has colored lines indicating what land you're in and there's multiple entrances to it around the Magic Kingdom.
  12. cba

    From Contemporary to Magic Kingdom

    I'm staying at the Contemporary for the first time in August, and I know that there's two ways getting to MK: walking and monorail. Which one's better/faster to get to and from there and the Contemporary?
  13. cba

    Rct3 Custom Scenery

    I really enjoy playing Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, a game where you can build a theme park and create coasters and other rides. Anyways there's something called Custom Scenery, which are custom-made objects that make your park more realistic (For example you can download catwalks, which isn't in...
  14. cba

    Disneyworld attractions vs. Disneyland attractions

    Here are rides that are at both WDW and DLR. Which one do you think is the better one? Space Mountain The Haunted Mansion Pirates of the Caribbean Star Tours The castles (Cinderella's or Sleeping Beauty's) It's a Small World Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Splash Mountain
  15. cba

    Vote for What Long-lost Character You Want to See

    http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2013/06/vote-decide-which-long-lost-disney-friends-visit-walt-disney-world-resort-for-limited-time-magic/ So, who do you want to see?
  16. cba

    Anyone going to Universal today?

    Is anyone going to Universal today to see the grand opening of Transformers? If so, feel free to talk about it, review it, ect.
  17. cba

    Have you ever gone to Disney World long distance without going on a plane or car?

    I know that probably the most popular way to get to Disney long distance is by plane and driving, but have you ever went to Disney a third way? Last visit I went on Auto Train last visit and I am using it again this summer.
  18. cba

    What to Expect at the D23 Expo

    Does anyone have an idea of what may be announced at the D23 Expo this August? This is what I can think of now: Avatarland concept ideas, maps, attractions DHS Expansion (hopefully Star Wars, Carsland, and Indy) Honestly I can't think of anything else. Either I need coffee or this is just...
  19. cba

    Another Uni. vs. Disney threads? Yes

    Yes, I know another Universal vs. Disney threads. But once again, Universal is on the rise. The upcoming Cabana Bay resort can bring a lot more guests to Universal, considering that a family four can spend only $49 per person per night and admission to both parks. I did a research price check at...
  20. cba

    2014 Logo Desgign Contest Winner Announced

    http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2013/03/video-winning-2014-disney-art-design-revealed-following-disney-parks-fan-vote/ Well, I'm not surprised this was chosen. Edit: Sorry I misspelled "design".
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