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  1. Woody13

    The Practical Guide To Waterbed Replacement

    Last week, I bought a new computer. My previous computer (6 years old) was just a little too out of date so I decided to upgrade both the hardware as well as the software. The upgrade went well but it was very time consuming. Tweaking the hardware and software always presents challenges. By...
  2. Woody13

    Afraid So

    Is it starting to rain? Did the check bounce? Are we out of coffee? Is this going to hurt? Could you lose your job? Did the glass break? Was the baggage misrouted? Will this go on my record? Are you missing much money? Was anyone injured? Is the traffic heavy? Do I have to...
  3. Woody13

    Barbie Urban Legend

    Barbie Urban Legend Despite the introduction, this is actually an urban legend -- but it's an amusing one. OK, the story behind this is... There's this nutball who digs things out of his back yard and sends the stuff he finds to the Smithsonian Institute, labeling them with...
  4. Woody13

    Chris (This doesn't look good)

  5. Woody13

    Betting On Hurricanes

    I like this idea. You could bet that a hurricane will hit your area. If it does, you win some money to help pay for repairs. It's almost like insurance! By AMY REININK - The Gainesville Sun Floridians are accustomed to the world tuning into their misery during hurricane season. Now, some...
  6. Woody13

    Saving Money On My Power Bill

    As many of you know that have read the hurricane preparation thread, I have been busy with my preparations for the next "big one". Living in hurricane country, I have always been prepared with the basic items such as hurricane shutters, food, water, medicine, and the other necessities. We've...
  7. Woody13

    When Will Disney Ban Smoking In The U.S. Parks?

    Second-hand smoke is dangerous, surgeon general says in new report By Joseph Gerth jgerth@courier-journal.com The Courier-Journal The U.S. Surgeon General said Tuesday that evidence confirms or suggests a wide range of health problems caused by exposure to second-hand smoke. In the broadest...
  8. Woody13

    Elsie The Cow

    When I was a child there was a very famous cow named Elsie. Does anyone remember her, or am I just older than dirt? :wave:
  9. Woody13

    WDW Employee

    Homeless man was slain while going to work Rene Stutzman Sentinel Staff Writer June 3, 2006 Ronald "Gumby" Klaas was on his way to work before dawn Sunday, headed for the bus station, when someone shot him in the head and leg, then escaped. His body was found a short time later near the...
  10. Woody13

    Hurricane Preparedness Tax Free Holiday

    Today, May 21st, was the start of the Hurricane Preparedness Tax Free Holiday in Florida. I went to Lowe's, Home Depot and Sam's Club and the lines to buy portable generators and gas cans were very long. It seems that many Floridians are acutely aware of the damage potential posed by...
  11. Woody13

    Termite Swarms

    It's that time of year again, time for the termite swarms. Each spring, winged reproductives leave their nests in search of new nesting areas. Millions of them descend upon my region every year. Tonight, I saw the first swarm of the season as the termites were climbing the screen on my back...
  12. Woody13

    Planters Peanuts 100 Years

    I found something today that some of you may enjoy. I was looking for some non perishable food items to store up for the upcoming hurricane season. At Sam's Club, I saw a 3 lb. tin can full of Planters Peanuts. Planters is currently celebrating their 100 year anniversary (1906, 2006) and they...
  13. Woody13

    Have You Bought Your Pixar Stock Yet?

    In just 9 days, Pixar stock will cease to exist. At the end of April, Disney will formally take over Pixar and Pixar stock will no longer be sold. So, if you want one of those nifty Pixar stock certificates, you'd better act fast. I bought a couple today for friends and family. To infinity...
  14. Woody13

    Walt Disney Was A Copy Cat!

    Many people seem to think that Walt Disney's idea for EPCOT was his own creation. Yet, in reality, it was nothing more than a rather cheap copy of Futurama which was devised by General Motors for the 1939 Worlds Fair. http://www.pmphoto.to/WorldsFairTour/Zone-6/097.htm...
  15. Woody13

    I Built A Better Mouse Trap...

    ...and now I catch better mice. :D
  16. Woody13

    Hurricane Strike Probability For 2006

    EXTENDED RANGE FORECAST OF ATLANTIC SEASONAL HURRICANE ACTIVITY AND U.S. LANDFALL STRIKE PROBABILITY FOR 2006 We continue to foresee another very active Atlantic basin tropical cyclone season in 2006. Landfall probabilities for the 2006 hurricane season are well above their long-period...
  17. Woody13

    Tax Time Approaches!

    I prepared my Federal income tax using H&R Block's Tax Cut computer program. I have used this program for the last 5 years and have found it to be very easy to use and very accurate. It's simple to import the information from last years return and update the figures for this year. It saves me...
  18. Woody13

    Gay Disney World due in 2009

    Gay Disney World due in 2009 <TABLE height=332 width=250 align=right border=0><TBODY><TR><TD>http://www.pinknews.co.uk/images/mickeymouse.jpg Mickey Mouse may need to work his magic if the gay community flocks to this new park </TD></TR><TR><TD class=MenuHead vAlign=top></TD></TR><TR><TD...
  19. Woody13

    Daylight Saving Time

    How did you all do with Daylight Saving Time? Did you spring forward with all your clocks? Just like Walt Disney, I like modern technology. Years ago, I got rid of all my normal clocks and replaced them all with atomic clocks. Even my wristwatch (Casio Wave Cepter) syncs up with the atomic...
  20. Woody13

    First Disney Park in Latin America?

    Mercosur Friday, 31 March First Disney Park in Latin America? Brazilian officials are talking with the Walt Disney Co. about a deal that would bring the entertainment company’s first theme park in Latin America to Brasilia, the press reported Thursday. The Federal District’s government...
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