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  1. IowaHawks7

    News Disney names D’Amaro as Chairman Disney Parks Experiences and Products

    Not sure if this was posted yet, but Kevin Mayer head of streaming is leaving Disney. Disney also named Rebecca Campbell (previously head of Disneyland) to replace Mayer and named Josh D’Amaro as head of Parks and Consumer Products. Not sure what this means for WDW, Josh was only there for a...
  2. IowaHawks7

    2021 Visit- Planning

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone knows when fall 2021 hotel dates will open up? Thanks in advance!
  3. IowaHawks7

    News Magic Kingdom Vice President Dan Cockerell to retire

    there is a very famous story about Dan when he first became a VP a number of years ago. He was walking backstage and began talking with a Custodial Cast Member who had been with the company for nearly 25 years. They began to talk about their roles and what this cast memeber did specifically on a...
  4. IowaHawks7

    What time to arrive for Pandora?

    Made last second decision to buy tickets for my family to go to DAK tomorrow to see Pandora. Fastpasses were all out. If the park opens at 8, what time does everyone suggest we arrive? Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
  5. IowaHawks7

    DCP 2018?

    I worked Quick Service Food And Beverage at Hollywood Studios for the Spring of 2014, then QSFB at Animal Kingdom during the Summer of 2015 during the Summer Alumni College Program. And yes I loved it! Lots of work, but as long as you realize it's a job first and foremost you'll have a great time.
  6. IowaHawks7

    The application will usually come out in late august or early September! You can actually...

    The application will usually come out in late august or early September! You can actually subscribe to the Disney Internships and Programs Email newsletter on their website and they'll inform you when the application is officially open
  7. IowaHawks7

    Job Application Dashboard Question

    It is a common glitch in the system. If it does not return to your dashboard within a couple days of the work week, then I would contact casting
  8. IowaHawks7

    DCP 2018?

    If you guys have any questions about the application process. Feel free to message me on here. I did the Spring Program in 2014, and the Summer Alumni Program in 2015
  9. IowaHawks7

    Rumor Stitch's Great Escape Replacement— Don’t Hold Your Breath

    This is my honest opinion but one would think they would like the new TL open for the 50th.. It's not like they dont have the capital to make it happen if they wanted to. Especially with the rumors of "50 Magical Enhancements or Additions" for the 50th.
  10. IowaHawks7

    DCP Housing Question

    I did two programs (Spring 2014 and Summer Alumni 2015) I lived in a Patterson 3 bedroom both times and loved it. More roommates the cheaper the rent usually. The Commons is very nice but is usually for International Programs, it has a market and washing machines in your unit. Patterson does not...
  11. IowaHawks7

    Any rumors of what will presented at D23 Expo this Summer?

    I would count on Star Wars Land on both coasts. Also, Toy Story Land. Maybe a mention of EPCOT. Perhaps other offerings coming to DHS as well (Mickey Ride). Marvel Land also comes to mind. And although I doubt it maybe a new fireworks/ night parade for MK
  12. IowaHawks7

    A Spirited Summer Special (AKA Phil Holmes Takes Anaheim!)

    Hopefully this does mean that a cultural shakeup is coming for the WDW execs. However, I have a hard time believing that DHS is 18-24 months behind already. Just does not seem plausible at this moment in time.
  13. IowaHawks7

    News Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge - Historical Construction/Impressions

    New Image today posted by Disney Parks Blog of the Disneyland Star Wars Land:
  14. IowaHawks7

    So What's The Mysterious "Third IP" Coming to DHS?

    If they could somehow land Bond, that would be a massive move. Especially with all the rumors that a new Bond will be making his debut in the new movie. They could time a new ride and/or announcement with the announcement of the new Bond.
  15. IowaHawks7

    So What's The Mysterious "Third IP" Coming to DHS?

    Its gonna be a completely underwater Finding Nemo experience.. the E ticket will be a free fall ride off the drop off.
  16. IowaHawks7

    The Talk, News, Rumors, About Phase 3

    I almost guarantee its going to be Indy. With the new movie coming out, they could tie the new land in around the same time a new movie would hit the box office. 2019/2020? But knowing Disney that time frame isnt workable.
  17. IowaHawks7

    So What's The Mysterious "Third IP" Coming to DHS?

    Could it possibly be one of the newer movies? Moana? Gigantic (their version of Jack and the Beanstalk)?
  18. IowaHawks7

    Guardians of the Galaxy coming to Energy Pavilion at Epcot

    Alright I haven't been on the boards here for a while, since I just started my new job. However, as a millennial, most of my generation does not have a connection to the original EPCOT Center. However, we have grown accustomed to shoe horned IPs into original ride concepts and for most of the...
  19. IowaHawks7

    DATELINE: Walt Disney World and The Attractions that never happened

    If I read correctly, most of these "Disney Decade" projects were shelved or cut extensively after the failed opening of Disneyland Paris
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