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  1. Mad Stitch

    Headless 5k Run

    There is a Headless 5k Run at Fort Wilderness on Oct. 31. Does anyone know anything about this? Is it new? I'll be staying at the Fort, maybe I'll do it.
  2. Mad Stitch

    Running Heat Map

    I found this running heat map interesting, so I thought I'd share it. I zoomed in on WDW for all of you. https://labs.strava.com/heatmap/#13.27/-81.57250/28.38861/hot/run
  3. Mad Stitch

    Staffer Answering Questions On Reddit

    There is a runDisney/Spectrum staffer answering questions on Reddit if anyone is interested. https://www.reddit.com/r/rundisney/comments/77f1np/hello_rrundisney_my_name_is_brandon_hough_and_i/
  4. Mad Stitch

    Coast to Coast 2017

    Did anyone else catch this in the newsletter? It looks like the Coast to Coast medal was redesigned for 2017.
  5. Mad Stitch

    Room Searching & Availability

    My friends will be staying at Vero Beach so I thought I would join them if I can find a room. When I did the search for just me there was nothing available, but when I changed the number of guests to 2 all of a sudden rooms of all types are available. What is going on with that!? I booked the...
  6. Mad Stitch

    Running Chit Chat

    I always thought we needed a thread to share any running related articles, videos, items that we come across with our running community here on WDWMagic. It doesn't necessarily need to be related to runDisney. So if you see something interesting that doesn't fit into the other threads, go ahead...
  7. Mad Stitch

    MK After Hours vs Hollywood Studios

    Given the choice of a ticket to the MK After Hours event, or a full day single park ticket to Hollywood Studios, which would you choose? You must spend your money on one of these tickets and there are no other options.
  8. Mad Stitch

    Checking Out on Race Day

    Has anyone ever run into any issues when your resort check out day is race day? Here is my situation, my friend and brother will be running the Dark Side race and have no interest in moving out of the last corral. Will there be enough time for them to finish the race, get back to the room...
  9. Mad Stitch

    The Hall of Flags

    Please don't let this turn into a political correctness fight. With all of the controversy lately, has anyone noticed if the 3rd national flag of the Confederate States of America has been removed from the Hall of Flags at the American Adventure?
  10. Mad Stitch

    Do you wear a hat while running?

    I have never been a hat person. I really don't like the sun glare while running, I'm often scoping out which side of the street has more shade. I was thinking about getting a runners hat, but I would think that would just make me hotter. Maybe a visor would be better? I wear prescription...
  11. Mad Stitch

    Earn a bib through New Balance Rewards

    I'm not too sure what I think about this. http://imgur.com/3A8Zf4Q
  12. Mad Stitch

    Curtailing Third Party Resale

    After seeing this pic on the interwebs I starting thinking, what if Disney started scanning the magic band with all cash or credit purchases. Then they could put a limit such as 1 per guest per day on popular items and stop the hoarders selling merchandise on third party markets. The story...
  13. Mad Stitch

    Avengers Half Marathon Weekend

    runDisney is at it again with what is probably going to be another over dramatic announcement. I guessing something about the W&D race since registration opens a week later. Do we need an official runDisney rumors pinned thread?
  14. Mad Stitch

    I Run Disney

    http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2014/01/rundisney-launches-i-run-disney-everyone-has-a-story/ I can't fault them for encouraging people and promoting runDisney, but the races already sell out as it is. If the races get any more popular they are going to have a lot of frustrated people on...
  15. Mad Stitch

    Run Disney Medal Holder

    I just found this in the Disney Store. Kind 'a ugly I think. http://www.disneystore.com/rundisney-medal-holder/mp/1343171/1000387/
  16. Mad Stitch

    Online Pics & Bibs

    So I was reading a running blog this weekend and noticed the author had scratched out the bib numbers in every pic. At first I was like “What the heck…” but then I quickly realized that with the number and the race name visible some psycho could look up the number in the race results and get...
  17. Mad Stitch

    Fort Wilderness Facilities

    I just purchased my first RV and I’m wondering should I decide to tow it all the way down to WDW, what are the public facilities like at Fort Wilderness? Are the shower buildings gross or does Disney keep theirs more cleanly than your typical camp ground?
  18. Mad Stitch

    Tinkerbell Princess Coast-to-Coast Challenge

    A new Coast-to Coast Challenge has been created. Complete the Tinkerbell Half Marathon and the Princess Half Marathon in the same calendar year and you will earn the Special Edition Coast-to-Coast Medal.
  19. Mad Stitch

    HTML Test

    Header 1 Header 2 Row 1 Row 2
  20. Mad Stitch

    Staying Warm and Dry

    It's been in the 40's here lately so I've been running with a hoodie. Needless to say, I finish all my runs very sweaty. I've gone to a few stores to find a running jacket with wicking abilities, but I'm not finding much. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to look for?
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