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  1. rodserling27

    My Unpopular WDW Opinion - post yours!

    Figured it would be fun to start a thread of people posting their unpopular opinions. We all have attractions that we love, but sometimes we just can't see what others love about certain aspects of WDW. I'll go first. I think Expedition Everest is totally lame! I don't understand why people...
  2. rodserling27

    SUPER Early arrival for Hotel - Can I request it?

    So as you can tell from my signature, I'm a super seasoned WDW vet. I almost always fly down to WDW from Philly, and I always stay on property. However, I'm taking a bit of a last-minute trip with a buddy of mine over Labor Day weekend. This time, we are driving through the night (with a little...
  3. rodserling27

    My Unbridled hatred for Gus, the DME Driver

    [Warning: this is a humorous, satirical post - of course I don't really hate anyone, nor would I ever get this worked up about something so trivial. Enjoy. :) ] I haven't posted a lot here in the last year or so, so I wanted to discuss the absolute worst part of a WDW trip. No, not the horrible...
  4. rodserling27

    Rant about some theming issues at Liberty Square (and beyond!)

    Had a brief solo trip to WDW last weekend through Tuesday. (Solo trips are the best kind.) I have serious issues with Liberty Square. No, I'm not talking about burnt-out lightbulbs or broken AAs. Everything looked good from that standpoint. This is way more nit-picky! For a company that takes...
  5. rodserling27

    Got a phone call from WDW Customer Service today

    I like to leave feedback, so last week, I wrote a letter both praising and criticizing where I saw fit in regards to my most recent trip (first week of January). Many truly magical things happened on my vacation (I do not have rose-colored glasses on nor am I snorting pixie dust), and I rather...
  6. rodserling27

    WDW selling broken pieces of SpectroMagic as a pin

    I figured I'd post this here since it will appeal to the hardcore fans of the parade. This is actually not a bad idea. It's an easy way to make money and an easy way for fans to literally have a piece of the parade forever. I'm sure people will be upset over the fact that their beloved parade is...
  7. rodserling27

    50 Years Ago Today...WDW site selected!

    I know it's the 50th anniversary of JFK's death and everything, but there's a much happier 50th thing to commemorate today - it was on this date in 1963 that Walt, Roy and company flew over Florida and picked the site to build what is now Walt Disney World! Here's some more information about...
  8. rodserling27

    I am Walter E. Disney for Halloween

    I teach 4th through 8th grade band, and I came to work dressed as WED today! Anyone else have any WDW/Disney related costumes? Please share! Happy Halloween everyone!
  9. rodserling27

    I did it...999,999 on BOTH guns on Buzz

    Well, after riding three and four times in a row on Sunday, I finally accomplished what I thought to be impossible - scored 999,999 on BOTH guns on Buzz Lightyear! Now I must admit that the ride was moving a tad bit slower than usual and it allowed me to unleash the fury on that orange robot's...
  10. rodserling27

    Thoughts and Observations at MK Over the Weekend

    Just got back from WDW last night...great trip...a few thoughts on Magic Kingdom, where I spent most of my time... Positive - New Little Mermaid ride is pretty incredible; Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise, it was a lot of fun. - New Fantasyland looks amazing, as does the Storybook...
  11. rodserling27

    Break-up therapy: GO TO WDW!

    After attempting to peacefully resolve things with my estranged fiance on Saturday, she came out in full-force bi-atch mode today and basically told me that she hated me and never wants to see me again. It's a shame really, her first trip to WDW was with me this past summer. That's OK, I'm much...
  12. rodserling27

    Passholder Summer Offers are Up

    I just called and they wouldn't give the discount on the Pirate themed rooms at CBR...but then she said I'd only be saving $150 off what I already had, so I suppose I'm not broken hearted about it...but I wish the discount was steeper, that would change my mind!
  13. rodserling27

    Disney's "Summer to Remember"

    Well, Friday could be the "big summer announcement" everyone is hoping for... http://www.insidethemagic.net/2012/04/walt-disney-world-to-highlight-whats-new-whats-next-for-test-track-splitsville-new-fantasyland-and-more/ What to expect? Find out Friday!
  14. rodserling27

    New EPCOT Monorail Narrator

    Just saw this posted from Inside The Magic over on Facebook. There's a new narrator for the Monorails, and here's a clip from the EPCOT monorail: http://soundcloud.com/paul-chadkin/new-epcot-monorail-narration Note: You need to create a quick, free account to listen. What do you think? I...
  15. rodserling27

    AP Rates for Summer?

    I'm a first-time AP holder and I'm ready to book a summer trip (even though I haven't taken my spring one yet :lol:). I got a good rate to stay at All-Star Music in two weeks and I'm hoping to do the same this summer at a different resort. Any word on when summer rates might be posted and how...
  16. rodserling27

    I'd like a new "official WDW album" CD

    It's about time they replaced the "Four Parks: One World" and gave a suitable successor for the "official album" of WDW. It seemed that for a while there was a new one every few years but that has stopped...perhaps due to slowing sales? (Then put it on iTunes!) I'm an avid CD and record buyer...
  17. rodserling27

    WDW Solo Trip - Ever Done it?

    I wanted to experience Disney in a brand new way. With everyone busy working these days and the school at which I teach having a spring break fast approaching, I've booked a short solo trip to visit the Mouse in March. I'll be there for three days, braving it alone, which is something I've never...
  18. rodserling27

    Three Trips in One Year...Insane?

    Some of my friends and family all seem to have a huge issue with my WDW obsession and such. Aside from always listening to audio I've collected from the parks, CDs, records, tapes, mp3s, etc., they all REALLY seem to take an issue with my frequenting WDW (particularly the Magic Kingdom). I've...
  19. rodserling27

    A few observations (recent trip)

    Just got back from a wonderful 13th trip with my sister (1/13 to 1/17) and I wanted to share some of my observations and experiences with the people who will appreciate them the most hah! I'd never been there in teh winter, so it was quite a change to wear some comfortable jeans and long sleeve...
  20. rodserling27

    Going to WDW w/o "Conveniences"

    I'm two days away from my trip, and I've been inspired to rock it in a very old-fashioned way. I will not be bringing any "modern day" conenviences to the park. I came up with the idea while watching the Twilight Zone New Year's marathon on Syfy Channel. There's an episode called "A Stop at...
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