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  1. BrerJon

    Smugglers Run on Windows

    This is amazing. It happened to me on Everest once when the animated Yeti was replaced by a desktop.
  2. BrerJon

    Any chance of Ghostbusters?

    I've seen the new Ghostbusters movie twice now, and it's the best movie I've seen in a long time and I couldn't help thinking how perfect it was for a Universal ride. I know they had a Ghostbusters show in the 90s, but does Universal still have the rights to produce an attraction these days if...
  3. BrerJon

    Shanghai Park Map?

    Has anyone had a chance to scan a Shanghai Park Map yet? Do they have an English variant? Do they even have park maps there?
  4. BrerJon

    How do people afford Deluxe?

    I've just been checking prices, and for the week I was looking at most Deluxe start at $4000 for a week in the Polynesian, rising to over $9000 for the Contemporary, that's over $1000 per night. Yet so many people here seem to quite casually be able to afford these and don't bat an eyelid. I...
  5. BrerJon

    Disney Tests

    In light of the discussions about whether Toy Story will become Fastpass+ only on a permanent basis, I wanted to ask people can anyone think of examples where Disney has been described as testing something that has not eventually become permanent, or is this a truly unique example? I know Lucky...
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