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  1. Computer Magic

    RIP Roddy Piper

    I came in here to chew bubble gum and kick ***, and I'm all out of bubble gum.....Classic line. and lets not forget he wrestled in a era where wrestling was still real and spectacular lookaround
  2. Computer Magic

    Am I spoiled by the Deluxe Resorts????

    Welcome to the world of Deluxe Snob....lol
  3. Computer Magic

    The Little Mermaid Survey

    Hate to see the LM show in DHS go. I really enjoy live shows. However, I don't know how they can keep it based on what we are hearing around that area. Theme wise, I don't know how it can fit.
  4. Computer Magic

    Flame Tree Barbecue closing for extensive remodel at Disney's Animal Kingdom

    I hope you are right. Although the FTB ribs I had in March was dry and fatty. I was very disappointed. I won't even talk about the removal of the Chocolate cake and seasoned fries a few years ago. I look forward to new CS places to eat at AK.
  5. Computer Magic

    Flame Tree Barbecue closing for extensive remodel at Disney's Animal Kingdom

    I bet the ribs at Harambe Market will be the same as Flame Tree, at least that is what the new Disney does. I was in AK in March and you could get Flame Tree food, they had two booths setup. You just can't sit in some of the areas as they were blocked off.
  6. Computer Magic

    Which is your LEAST Favorite Park?

    I don't think any one stated they hated MK. The question was least favorite of the 4 main parks. grim-grinning_toast stated it best, MK is over crowded, too many stroller, rude people trying to get their kid that magic moment. I wouldn't miss Mk for the world, but two half days on a 7 day...
  7. Computer Magic

    Which is your LEAST Favorite Park?

    MK the least favorite for us. We are adults w/o kids. Favorite is AK
  8. Computer Magic

    Survivor: Worlds Apart

    a little fore thought and Dan could have used his two votes on will, Rodney or sierra. That would have brought a tie with the two that voted for him.
  9. Computer Magic

    Survivor: Worlds Apart

    If Dan didn't play his advantage, Carolyn would not have played the idol. Dan tipped off Carolyn. Carolyn knew Dan was going to have two votes on her. She wasn't going to risk it. well played Carolyn.
  10. Computer Magic

    Free Dining 2015?

    This is what I'm hearing 4/26/15: Rumors are circulating that Free Dining will be released this week for both Disney Visa cardholders and for the General Public. The dates being discussed are 8/15-10/2/15, 10/25-10/31/15, 11/8-11/19/15 and 12/15-12/21/15. This is not official information and...
  11. Computer Magic

    California Grill fireworks viewing

    We just returned last month and ate at CG. We were not at a window seat so we went onto the Observation Deck with piped in music. Really enjoyed it. The waitress was great holding our dessert until the fireworks was over. I'm a person that don't mind using 2 credits per person for signature...
  12. Computer Magic

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, garyhoov

    If anyone remembers this thread, Gary is turning 50 this years. Before you laugh, just remember we are all 10 years older.....
  13. Computer Magic

    Thoughts on TCM's Disney Vault presentation

    I liked watching Disneyland and found it great they didn't cut anything like showing scenes from Song of the South. Keep the show to its original form.
  14. Computer Magic

    Flame Tree Barbecue closing for extensive remodel at Disney's Animal Kingdom

    Since they are remodeling, can the bring back the season fries and real chocolate cake.
  15. Computer Magic

    Do you think an Adult only resort will ever happen?

    I think the closest Disney adult resort is Yacht Club which I think has an adult pool. There is also a bar/lounge area. Yacht Club is a non DVC deluxe that sells to a lot of conferences, which makes for less kids.
  16. Computer Magic

    Do you think an Adult only resort will ever happen?

    I think PI and a few other activities was an attempt to bring adults to Disney during the mid 90s. There use to be commercials directed towards adults and advertise as a place to have your honeymoon. Then at some point that was scraped for princesses. Now you see commercials with the perfect...
  17. Computer Magic

    DVC Maintenance Fees for 2015

    I was wondering if this dated back to Jim Lewis. Seems he is now doing okay at WalMart. He is born in the same home town as I was so I use to keep tabs on his raise and ultimately demise at Disney.
  18. Computer Magic

    The Spirited Seventh Heaven ...

    Wait until you see it live with your own eyes. Pictures don't do it justice.
  19. Computer Magic

    The Spirited Seventh Heaven ...

    You probably been there long enough to have seen Britney Spears and Justin smoking and making out in the backlot :)
  20. Computer Magic

    The Spirited Seventh Heaven ...

    Many people sadly don't know life without the hat since it been there 15 years. Actually the hat has been there longer than it was w/o (89-2000) I only visited DHS twice before the hat was introduced, I barely remember life w/o it, but that's long enough to know I rather see the theater as I...
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