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  1. Jon81uk

    World Drive Phase-III

    So girls don’t play Star Wars then? All toys and all movies (subject to age suitability) should be for everyone!
  2. Jon81uk

    World Drive Phase-III

    It’s going to be a new British themed resort, hence the traffic roundabouts.
  3. Jon81uk

    News New lobby layouts coming to Disney's Old Key West and Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort

    Having stayed at Saratoga I thought the theme was grandma who likes horse sculptures.
  4. Jon81uk

    Mobile order question?

    No mobile ordering has nothing to do with room charges it just charges the card immediately. But my understanding is if you want to avoid the hold on your card when staying on site you need to tell the front desk.
  5. Jon81uk

    Mobile order question?

    If you are staying on site you will get a hold on your card unless you tell the front desk to turn off the ability to charge to your room account.
  6. Jon81uk

    News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious

    Watched the Disney video, don’t get the criticism that there is no “ending” as it was quite obvious to me. But it felt like an okay Disney show, not a fantastic fireworks show which was what RoE was. There is no overall theme, just random songs.
  7. Jon81uk

    News New Club Cool opens Summer 2021 at EPCOT

    not sure why but the gloopyness is one thing I kinda like about American Sprite. I don’t normally drink full sugar drinks so have Sprite Zero in the UK normally but it isn’t as common in the US so have the novelty of the full corn syrup one compared to normally having Aspartame.
  8. Jon81uk

    News New Club Cool opens Summer 2021 at EPCOT

    Freestyle works by mixing the primary (coke, diet coke, sprite, fanta etc) syrup with the secondary (vanilla, orange, cherry, lime etc) syrup. So the cherry flavour is likely different to proper Cherry Coke as the cherry syrup plus coke syrup is different to cherry coke syrup. When using...
  9. Jon81uk

    News New Club Cool opens Summer 2021 at EPCOT

    Freestyle machines use special highly concentrated syrup so they can fit all the flavours in. The speciality drinks here are only used at World of Coke and Club Cool, Beverley is only made for those locations now. The other syrups may be imported rather than made in the USA, but it won't be...
  10. Jon81uk

    Yorkshire County Fish Shop????

    The DFB post linked above says its Hake. Proper British fish and chips should be Cod, but can be Haddock.
  11. Jon81uk

    Celebration at the Top (Cali Grill)

    They have offered this event in the past as well. It’s held in the private function rooms at Cali Grill.
  12. Jon81uk

    Nemo the Musical filleted

    They may think that a 20-30 minute show will be more appealing than a 40 minute one. So it might not play more times a day, but just the shorter format appeals to more families.
  13. Jon81uk

    Nemo the Musical filleted

    I expect this to be the case. I think guest feedback for a while has been that the show was too long. Would be a shame to lose the live singing though.
  14. Jon81uk

    Nemo the Musical filleted

    It’s a shame because Nemo is probably the best show on property, it’s the closest to a full Broadway musical and feels “new” because none of the songs are in the film so doesn’t just feel like a quick cheap retelling of the movie like Beauty & Beast. I guess guests prefer the clap along with...
  15. Jon81uk

    Will anyone stay on site any longer?

    We used Virgin Holidays a few times before Magic Express was a thing. We got transfers with Mears included in the Virgin Holidays package, but we could have done car hire instead. We also used to attend the Virgin Holidays welcome meeting at Downtown Disney so we could book Mears transfers to...
  16. Jon81uk

    Magic Band vs Apple watch

    Yep its been around for a few months. Add your ticket pass to Apple Wallet and then can use Watch or iPhone to enter the park as if it were any other ticket media...
  17. Jon81uk

    Main feature pool refurbishments scheduled at Disney's Contemporary Resort and Fort Wilderness Resort

    Also with guests (particularly from the UK) often booking a year or two in advance, its better to schedule the work and guests know what to expect instead of Disney then having to offer compensation to those who booked over a year in advance and then find out the pool is closed.
  18. Jon81uk

    NBA Experience at Disney Springs

    Charging using the bad wasn’t that different compared to charging using the Key to the World card really. Just a different device to tap/swipe.
  19. Jon81uk

    Hoop Dee Doo?

    they started building on part of the campground where River Country used to be. The stables got moved but then construction on the resort stopped due to the pandemic.
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