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  1. meeko_33785

    To all WDWMAGIC Forum Members

    Hi everyone. As some of you may know, I have been an active member here at the forum at wdwmagic.com for more about a year and a half now. In that time, I have had the chance to talk to many of you through both posts, projects, and debates here on the various message boards on this site and...
  2. meeko_33785

    Favorite WDW Character Poll

    I've started this poll to see what Disney fans' favorite characters are. Polling will be open now until Monday December 15. Here's a link to the poll: http://www.geocities.com/disneygettogether/vote.txt And here are the current results: 1. Mickey Mouse (37 votes) 2. Goofy (15...
  3. meeko_33785


    Does anyone have any photos or know of any sites that have photos of the Disneymania show with the Kids of the Kingdom that was at MK in the late 1980s and 1990s? I would love to be able to see some photos of this show (especially from when it was at the Galaxy Palace insteed of the Castle). Thanks.
  4. meeko_33785

    New Parade for Magic Kingdom

    I've been working on a new parade for the Magic Kingdom and came up with a "It all Started with a Mouse" theme since Mickey will be celebrating his 75th anniversary year. I'm still pretty much in the brainstorming segment of planning now so it's pretty rough, but I thought I would post it here...
  5. meeko_33785

    Brother Bear (with Spoilers)

    My Brother Bear Review Saw Brother Bear yeasterday and I have to say it was better than I expected. Personally, I was about excitied to see this movie as I would be to watch the Fox and the Hound for the fourth time ( :hammer: ), but it turned out not too bad. The animation was beautiful and...
  6. meeko_33785

    Anyone have $2,500 + to spend?

    Well, looks like Disney's doing it again. Yet another Mr. Toad car is now up for bidding on disneyauctions.com. So far, there's been no bids, but the starting bid is $2,500. Here's a link: A Mr. Toad Car for Sale... again
  7. meeko_33785

    Destino- Completed

    I hadn't seen any talk on this board about this yet, so I thought I'd post this. Did anyone hear that Disney has finally finished "Destino"- the legendary unfinished short from Disney and Salvador Dali? Apparently it premiered at the Melborne Film Festival this year and won the award for best...
  8. meeko_33785

    Goth Day at MK?

    Has anyone else heard about this? http://www.gothicorlando.com/even01_gothday.shtml I never knew so many goths were Disney fans. :lookaroun
  9. meeko_33785

    Princess Aurora- Smiling or not?

    I was looking through my collection of WDW pics and ran across this pic of Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) I took at the Expo Hall at MK. I always thought she looked good in the pic, but someone told me it looked like she wasn't smiling. Now that I look at it again, I'm not sure. Just...
  10. meeko_33785

    WDW Attractions- Favorite to Least Favorite

    I had a bit of free time so I decided to waste it and type up with a list of my favorite WDW attractions from favorite to least favorite. Not included are the 8 attractions that I have not yet experienced (Rock n' Roller Coaster, Kali River Rapids, Mickey's Philharmagic, Goofy's Country Dancin'...
  11. meeko_33785

    Old Stage Show at MGM

    I have been looking all over the Internet and I can't seem to find any info on a show I saw at MGM Studios about a year after it first opened. It was at the Theater of the Stars and featured a bunch of Disney characters like Mickey, Goofy, Roger Rabbit, and the rest of the gang singing songs...
  12. meeko_33785

    Need Help with Photo Editing

    I'm in need of a little help in resizing a photo. Every time I try to shrink it, it comes out somewhat grainy. If you think you can help please PM me and I'll send you the photo (can't figure out how to post it here). Thanks.
  13. meeko_33785

    Best new addition in past 3 years

    After the least favorite attraction polls on the WDW General board, I thought we'd lighten things up here and do a post about favorite attractions. They're always much nicer than least favorites. ;) So, out of all the additions WDW had added in the past few years (pre-Mission Space), which is...
  14. meeko_33785

    Extra Magic Hour in July?

    I was wondering how crowded is MK on Extra Magic Hour mornings at this time of year? I've heard conflicting views in if it's a good thing or not. I was planning on hitting MK during EMH and then leaving around 11 am (hopefully) before the park gets too crowded. Is this a good idea? Would I be...
  15. meeko_33785

    How are the lines at CoP?

    I heard that this was going to be open this Summer and I was wondering how are the crowds and waits for this attraction? I've heard it's fairly high compacity, but I was wondering if there's a good time to see it. Will the lines be shorter when the ride first opens for the day at 10? Never been...
  16. meeko_33785

    AFI Showcase

    I was wondering what the current exhibit at the AFI Showcase at the end of the Backlot Tour is. I heard that it was a Villains-themed exhibit with props from Star Wars, Batman, ect., but I was wondering if they replaced it with something else. Has anyone been there recently to know what's there now?
  17. meeko_33785

    New MGM Show?

    I heard a rumor that there is supose to be a new show at MGM in front of the Hat similar to Cinderella's Surprise Celebration at MK starting this Summer. Has anyone heard about this? Is it a real show or just a glorified meet and greet?
  18. meeko_33785

    Disney Movie Awards Polls

    Voting has been kind of slow on the Disney Movie Oscars Polls, but I said I would post the results here on the Chit Chat board, and here they are. I've decided since voting has been so light, I'm going to keep it open for at least a week and do a full results post when more votes are in and all...
  19. meeko_33785

    Disney Movie Oscars- All Polls are open!

    Over on the WDWMAGIC Awards board, all of the Disney Movie Oscar Awards polls are now open. This includes both the Best Picture and Best Animated Feature, as well as awards for acting, music, and short subjects. There are still a number of ties in the voting, so anything could happen! Thanks to...
  20. meeko_33785

    Disney Movie Oscars: Best Picture

    Finally, the last (or first if you're looking on the original post) poll on the Disney Movie Oscar Awards. Hope you enjoyed the awards and after all the votes are in, I'll probably be posting the winners on the Chit Chat board or something. Get out your black ties and eveningware. There's going...
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