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  1. TalkingHead

    Hot Dog Hall of Fame

    Grabbed lunch here today on my way out of IOA. They have a nice selection of ($7) hot dogs -- I had the Los Angeles dog which was pretty simple with mustard and relish, but it was good. Be forewarned, it's an outdoor eatery. You walk up to a window, order, and then move down the counter and...
  2. TalkingHead

    Observations on Universal Parks

    Spent this hot, 83-degree December day (felt more like May) having a fun time at the Universal parks. A few stray observations that I thought I’d share: The Christmas decorations at IOA are primarily restricted to Port of Entry and Seuss Landing. The decorations in Seuss are very well done...
  3. TalkingHead

    Drive-In Miniature Golf Pictures

    Pictures of the under-construction golf course can be found at: http://blogs.orlandosentinel.com/features_orlando/2012/01/universal-citywalk-photo-update-on-hollywood-drive-in-golf.html From the pictures, it doesn't look like Universal is slouching.
  4. TalkingHead

    Candlelight Processional Dinner Package Question

    My group is planning on seeing the show on Dec 12, and I've never seen the show before. So I'm wondering how necessary the dinner package will be for getting a seat to see the show (doesn't really matter to us which show time we see). Any advice would be appreciated...
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