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  1. Stitch79

    Possible Refurb of the Contemporary

    There was a snippet in today's dining article in the Orlando Sentinel about a possible refurbishment of the Contemporary and its restaurants; as well as some changes to the EPCOT restaurants. The thoughts mentioned all sound great to me, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see what comes of...
  2. Stitch79

    The Guns are back!

    Looks like they are making some changes for the better for once. :sohappy: Disney takes aim at anniversary Guns are back on the Jungle Cruise as Disneyland celebrates its founding. By Kimi Yoshino Los Angeles Times October 21, 2004 ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Hippos beware: The Jungle...
  3. Stitch79

    Tuxedo Strawberries

    I will be staying at the AKL in October. I was interested in ordering some of the tuxedo strawberries and champagne to be delivered to the room after we arrive. Is this possible? I did not see it on the in room menu so I wasn't sure. If it is possible who should I call/email to arrange...
  4. Stitch79

    Food & Wine Fest Event Info (Long)

    :sohappy: Here is the information about all of the events taking place at the F&W fest this year. Its a long list, I'm so excited!! Hopefully, the TBA stuff will be cleared up soon. EXCLUSIVE EVENINGS AT EPCOT This prestigious dining event takes place at the World Showplace Pavilion...
  5. Stitch79

    Why is MK closing so early?

    I just checked the hours at the MK for this Saturday and they are closing at 7pm?? Does anyone know if there is an event going on that night or is attendance expected to be low this weekend?
  6. Stitch79

    Boy May Lose Toe after Universal Ride

    http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=298&e=3&u=/ibsys/20040109/lo_wesh/1950321 How many times do theme parks need to tell people to stay in their ride vehicles until they come to a complete stop?! Sheez
  7. Stitch79


    Looks like NBC and Vivendi have finally reached their agreement. The deal included all the Vivendi holdings (including the parks) except for the Universal Music Group. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/tourism/orl-ge-universal100803,0,2495195.story?coll=orl-home-headlines
  8. Stitch79

    Woman Who Suffered Heart Attack On Coaster Dies

    Local - WESH NewsChannel2000.com Woman Who Suffered Heart Attack On Coaster Dies 34 minutes ago A tourist who suffered a heart attack aboard the Incredible Hulk Coaster at Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure has died. Leslie Keller, 34, never regained consciousness and was...
  9. Stitch79

    Who is going in November?

    I am! We'll be at the AKL from the 12th-16th. Anyone else going in November? :sohappy:
  10. Stitch79

    Animated avatar

    Hello! I found an animated gif that I would like to use for my avatar but it is too big for the forums, what program could I use to try and make it smaller? Any help would be appreciated!
  11. Stitch79

    Wyndahm Palace

    Hi! I'm looking around for alternatives in case there are not any discount codes out for my next trip. My parents liked this hotel, so I'm looking for some opinions from here cuz I know everyone here knows what to look for. ;) Thanks...
  12. Stitch79


    I asked around last week and was told that you can email Disney to order pins directly. The email address I have on my receipt is wdw.mail.order@disneyworld.com, does anyone have the email address for Disneyland? Thanks!!
  13. Stitch79

    Giraffe killed at Animal Kingdom

    What a tragedy.....:( http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=298&ncid=298&e=1&u=/ibsys/20030723/lo_wesh/1709111
  14. Stitch79

    Pin exchange policy?

    Hello! I bought the new MS LE pin (one with Donald on a spring) this past Friday at a stand in EPCOT. When I got home Donald had come off the pin! :( Can I exchange it anywhere that sells that pin or do I have to go back to where I bought it? Will they even let me exchange it? Thanks...
  15. Stitch79

    Stitch79's Trip Report

    My bf (Ron) and I took this trip for his birthday weekend on May 16-19. We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and had a great time! Ron will be adding the restaurant reviews soon. Friday, Day 1- We got up and left the house around 9am, around 10:15am we arrived at the Grand Floridian...
  16. Stitch79

    Spa treatments

    Hey guys! I decided to splurge a bit and get a head, neck, shoulder massage for myself and my bf on our trip next week at the GF spa. Has anyone had this or another treatment there? Was it worth the $? What are the tipping guidelines for the therapists? Most of all did you enjoy it...
  17. Stitch79

    Breakfast PS?

    Is it a good idea to make breakfast ps? We will be at the AKL from May 16-19 and I want to try Boma at least once for breakfast. I wasn't sure if we should make a PS for that or just walk up. Thanks!
  18. Stitch79

    Tigger robs a store?!

    This news story popped up today. Its rather funny, and at the same time you have to wonder how dumb some people can be. -------------------------------------- Local - WKMG MyCFNow.com A man dressed as the Disney character Tigger attempted to rob a convenience store in Upper Darby...
  19. Stitch79

    Looking for window decals

    Hi all! I've found what I am looking for on Ebay but I would rather just find a place where I can purchase it outright without the auction hassle. Has anyone seen anything like this? I am specifically looking for Stitch ones. Here is what I am looking for...
  20. Stitch79

    Disney Restaurant Recipes

    I'm not sure if this is the right board to post this, but here goes. I know there have been a lot of posts about favorite restaurants in WDW lately. After reading our local newspaper down here I found that they have quite a few of the best recipes available from those restaurants! I was...
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