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  1. robynchic

    Pictures of Jasmine?

    Weird question time! Does anyone have any pictures of Jasmine in WDW? Preferably where her entire outfit is showing? I belly dance, and have a performance coming up in April, and need a costume. I thought it might be fun to try to replicate Jasmine's (using my own color combinations...
  2. robynchic

    Photos of the Three Caballeros?

    Does anyone have, or know where I can find, a photo of the Three Caballeros? I'm going to be hanging out with Panchito next week, and I was curious what he looks like in the Mexico Pavilion. Thanks in advance!
  3. robynchic

    Going alone- ideas?

    I'm going to be going to WDW on my own for spring break. With that in mind, I was trying to think of what I might want to pack in my bag when I'm wandering the parks, because that's what I'll pack to bring with me from home. I haven't gone without doing at least a week of work in years, so I'm...
  4. robynchic

    Trying to sort out a sticky situation...

    I'm planning to go to WDW to work for a few days over spring break. Unfortunately, I can't go with someone older than 25, so renting a car would be pretty pricey for me. Why can't I just use Magical Express and Disney Transport? Well, I need to get backstage to get my ID. Unless I can...
  5. robynchic

    Lady and the Tramp MySpace page?

    Yesterday was Kerry and my 1-year anniversary (yaaay!) and because it's also close to Valentines Day, I've been making up my MySpace page to be Lady and the Tramp themed. I've found a layout (my first layout that I HAVEN'T created myself...the one that's up is temporary, because I will have one...
  6. robynchic

    Help! I need my wine fix!

    I've been looking for wine racks for Kerry for Hanukkah, and started thinking about the wines we tasted when we did flights in Italy. So now I want to try to find one of the wines I really liked, and see if I can buy it online. I know that the bottle we bought when he came to visit was Rosa...
  7. robynchic

    Quick! I need answers!

    I'm doing some trivia for the WDWCP presentation that I have today at 11 am and 8 pm. Here's the questions and answers I have so far (if my answers are wrong, please correct me) Movies and music What classic Disney movie's score is not written by Disney? Sleeping Beauty Who is Yen Sid...
  8. robynchic

    Boo To You video?

    Is there any other Boo To You parade video other than what was posted last year? Also, is this year's parade new?
  9. robynchic

    Help me make my Power Point!

    Being a campus representative for the Walt Disney World College Program, I've decided to make a power point presentation with all of my pictures from my three programs and the times I've worked there as seasonal. Here's what I need your help with- I'm trying to find some fun, funky music to go...
  10. robynchic

    Trip Report July 7-11

    This is my first trip report, so I hope it isn't too long... As soon as Kerry arrived and his bags were put down in the hotel room, we went to have lunch at Restaurant Marrakesh. Great food, but I wish the belly dance show had been longer. It rained most of the afternoon, so we spent a lot of...
  11. robynchic

    Wishes music?

    I read a while ago that you MAY be able to pick up the music from Wishes! on a radio if you're, say, on the beach at the Poly. Well, since SO and I plan on being on the beach at the Poly one night to watch Wishes!, I'd kind of like to hear the music. Can anyone tell me what the band is, and...
  12. robynchic


    Does anyone know the exact location of the three gas stations on property, or can give me a URL to tell them to me? I'm trying to find how much gas costs around there, and I know it's cheapest on property.
  13. robynchic

    Yet another proposal thread (but it's not what you think!)

    My 94-year-old grandmother is very ill (:( ), and my dad visits her every morning and evening before he goes to work and right after he leaves (where she's staying is close to his office). He was talking to someone that works there, and the topic of DVC came up, because she's also a member...
  14. robynchic

    Is it summer yet?

    Countdown to finals: 6 days, 19 hours, 25 minutes (give or take) Sanity: 40% Is it summer yet? I have 4 finals. 2 Monday, 1 Tuesday, 1 Wednesday, then I'm out of here. But I feel like I'm going insane. Help me... :brick:
  15. robynchic

    points per resort?

    What are the point values for each DVC resort for one night, in the regular season (say between May 20 and May 28)?
  16. robynchic

    How much do you plan?

    I feel like I'm planning too much for BF and my trip over this summer. The different restaurants, which means the parks on specific days; trying to work around hiccups (like how Boardwalk doesn't have any studios available), things that we MUST do... I've never planned so much for a WDW...
  17. robynchic

    *sighs* Helping out with points?

    Okay, so my parents got 102 "Use or Lose" points this year, and didn't plan on using them, so BF and I are using them. However, we wanted to stay at Boardwalk, and they don't have any studios left. If Beach Club doesn't have any studios left, either, can they make special arrangements to have...
  18. robynchic

    Restaurant Marrakesh performance times?

    Does Suspira perform for lunches at Restaurant Marrakesh? I'm debating between there and Mitsukoshi when Kerry comes- I figure that if we do lunch, and she's performing, that since I might be taking some of her classes, she may pull me up if Kerry eggs me on...Might be funny, really. Person in...
  19. robynchic

    Now that the photopass cards are used...

    Can we still pick up photos in the parks? My BF doesn't have any pics at his desk at work, and is hoping he'll have his own office next August (3-4 people from his office are leaving). Since he'll be coming down, I want to get a really good picture (I'm thinking us in front of the castle or...
  20. robynchic

    Card/Room Key exchange?

    BF and I will be going to WDW (for me, a 4-5 day vacation from work!) July 7-11. For 3 nights, we'll be staying at Boardwalk, and for 1, we'll be at the Polynesian. Can we ask them to put our room key for the Poly on the same card we used for the Boardwalk?
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