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  1. tink729

    Just got back from WDW and...

    Caribbean Beach!
  2. tink729

    Just got back from WDW and...

    Exactly, other than taking a little longer to get places because of transfers etc, I had a fantastic vacation!
  3. tink729

    Just got back from WDW and...

    I mean in terms of those who aren't staying on property, don't have room keys, and are actually trying to take advantage of the free transportation.
  4. tink729

    Best WDW Fan Videos On The Internet

    These are still my favorite Disney videos online:
  5. tink729

    Living with the Land

    Yep, I saw barking just this past Tuesday. Sadly, I can tell you that as of Monday morning the yeti is looking more and more strobe lighted and less yeti at all.
  6. tink729

    What is the funniest thing you overheard another guest say in WDW?

    This wasn't technically in WDW but it was said by probably a three year old boy sitting behind me on the flight to Orlando: "Daddy, this Soarin ride is awesome!!" It got a good chuckle out of me and my mom.
  7. tink729

    Just got back from WDW and...

    I just arrived home on Tuesday fromWDW and I can assure you that I didn't just miss seeing them. I asked several CMs because they had the park to park buses when I was there just last October. Don't get me wrong, I think for the most part that Disney transportation is awesome, but the no direct...
  8. tink729

    Just got back from WDW and...

    I agree, the DTD buses can be an issue with the free parking scam. Showing room keys is a good idea, but I wonder how they would be able to diplomatically pull it off without annoying the people trying to get on a bus that don't have room keys?
  9. tink729

    Just got back from WDW and...

    If I remember correctly, they used to run not only buses from DTD to the parks but also from park to park.
  10. tink729

    The beds at Disney Resorts

    I think it's the pure exhaustion I experience at the end of each day in WDW that makes the beds seem so incredibly comfortable!
  11. tink729

    Most missed extinct attraction at WDW

    I miss the original JII the most. Also Alien Encounter...especially every time I walk past SGE.
  12. tink729

    Just got back from WDW and...

    ...my only complaint was that I wish there were direct buses from park to park. Excluding the monorail linking MK and Epcot and the boat linking Epcot and DHS, it's so inconvenient to get from park to park. It took me over an hour to get from MK to DHS by means of the monorail to the TTC then by...
  13. tink729

    Missing in the mansion

    This was so awesome, thanks for sharing!
  14. tink729

    I've Been Wanting To Say This For A Loooong Time!!

    20 days for me! I'm doing a happy dance!
  15. tink729

    Received EPCOT 30th merchandise online order?

    Still haven't gotten my Epcot 30th shirt, I'm hoping to get mine in time for my trip in 3 weeks!
  16. tink729

    November 2012 Roll Call

    Caribbean Beach, too!
  17. tink729

    Attractions You've Never Gotten Around To

    I have never seen the Finding Nemo show in AK, and I usually skip out on Tom Sawyer Island and Stitch.
  18. tink729

    Refurbed Country Bear Jamboree

    Not sure what was removed, but I've heard in different places that it was either 4 minutes worth of material or 5 1/2 minutes. I'm curious to see what was removed as well.
  19. tink729

    Mermaids in PoTC

    Yes, they were installed overnight and debuted today.
  20. tink729

    Mermaids in PoTC

    I think it is the mermaids singing in the background. I haven't seen the 4th PoTC movie, but I guess they have a song in it? I do love the original beach scene there, but I don't mind the mermaid skeleton addition...perhaps my only complaint would be to move it a little farther away from the...
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