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    Going to DW next week, well Epcot

    Hi, Kinda venting a little. We are Disney lovers and DVC members. We are going next week and called to get our park tickets... We were told the only park that is not filled to capacity already is Epcot and it’s available for only 3 days of our stay. We are at Beach Club so the pool is there and...
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    Rise of the Resistance

    Hi all, We are going to our happy place in March. How difficult is it to get into the Rise of the Resistance. Any suggestions on what I need to do to get in? Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks
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    Going to Beach Club in March, any room suggestions

    Hello, We are going to Beach Club in March. I was looking for help in what room numbers to book. Which rooms over look the pool or the parking lot? Any help would be great. Thanks
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    1 day MK base ticket purchase...

    Hi, I am currently at SSR, I leave Friday. We are going to Daytona Beach afterward. Anyway, we were not going to any parks since we are on a budget. However, I thought maybe Friday. I know a 1 day ticket from Disney is around 125. Has anyone ever bought tickets from another source for Disney...
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    Use Year....

    We have an April use year for SSprings. I'm debating getting DVC at BCV. Is there any benefit of having April as contract use for both sites.
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    Expiration question

    Ok, so we bought our DVC through Disney. We bought at Saratoga Springs. Love the DVC. Would really like to get Beach Club. That would have to be through resale. I thought about selling our SS and then purchasing BCV. But our expiration date would be 2042. I was told that once the deed expires...
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    Park Hopper

    Been going to Disney for years now. I was just wondering, we always had a Park Hopper, but maybe next time we would not. Is it difficult to be in 1 park all day? Just looking for different thoughts. We may spend the day at MK and then eat in Epcot, buy feel rushed to get to the restaurant on...
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    DVC resale

    We have a DVC already. My mom who is in her early 60s wants one too. She is not sure to buy from Disney or resale. I am not sure of the benefits of resale, we bought from Disney. Any help buying resale properties would greatly be appreciated. Any info would be great.thanks
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    AddingOn Points

    I am still new to DVC. Seeing that the GF has DVC or will be getting it is making me giddy. Is there a minimum of points that I can add on? My home is SSprings. Can I get 50 points at another DVC? Or only at SS? Any info would be great. Thanks again
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    Disney Dining Plan vs Food Festival

    Ok, I am a huge supporter of the dining plan. This year we are going during the wine and food festival. We have never gone during this time of year. We have a 12 and 9 year olds. How is the food at the festival? Epcot is our favorite park, so we will be there a lot. How expensive is the food at...
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    Looking for Artwork

    Not sure, if this is the right forum. I wanted to buy some artwork from DW when we return in November. Something nice for the living room. I have a price range in mind about 400$. Not sure what that would buy. I found the store at Downtown Disney, but wasn't sure if there was other stores. Can...
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    1st time using DVC, on a wait list...

    OCT of 2011 we bought 150 pts at SSR. We are planning our 1st trip for something like Nov 5-12 of this year. We really wanted BCR, but instead got AKL, 2 bedroom. We were then put on a wait list for Beach Club. Do we have any chance of getting the BCR in Nov.? We were trying for a 2 bedroom as...
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    How Many Points is Enough?

    We are a family of 4. Son is 11 and daughter is 8. We are really struggling with how many points to purchase. We were thinking 150 intially, but then there wil be times we may need more. 200 is our max. My question is 150/160 is enough? We know more is better...
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    Losing the Magic?

    Hi all, Just returned Sept 2 from our trip in the cabins. We love Disney, we are frequent vistors since the 1990s. With that said, this trip seemed to be missing "something". It was not a bad experience with 1 person, but throughout the parks. Honestly it felt like going to Six Flags. There...
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    Wifi in the Cabins...

    Wondering about wifi connection at the Cabins. is there any? how much? maybe free?
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    1st Time staying at Cabins in Fort Wilderness

    Hi all, This is my 1st time posting, hope this is the right forum... Been goin to WDW for the last 20 years or so, but this is the 1st time we are staying at the Cabins in Fort Wilderness. We are going August 28 to Sept 2. Any suggestions? I have some questions...Is a certain loop...
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