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  1. Stitch79

    Castle Progress-Characters Added!!!!

    He's from the Jungle Book.
  2. Stitch79

    Possible Refurb of the Contemporary

    There was a snippet in today's dining article in the Orlando Sentinel about a possible refurbishment of the Contemporary and its restaurants; as well as some changes to the EPCOT restaurants. The thoughts mentioned all sound great to me, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see what comes of...
  3. Stitch79

    D-Troops.com Announced

    Hey I heard about the D-Troops on the radio this morning! The reporter from WDBO was speaking about an interview he did with The General through IM. Way to go on spreading the word guys!
  4. Stitch79

    Run, Stitch! Recycled ride to be your fate

    This pretty much sums up my thoughts on the ride, the only thing I was really impressed with was the AA figure.
  5. Stitch79

    Vicious SGE Rehab Rumor

    Well I don't intend to bash you, thats not what we are here for. Anyhow, I understand that it probably wouldn't be a good idea to have Stitch to speak no English in the attraction, but the phrases that he does use just don't do it for me. In the beginning of the movie before he speaks any...
  6. Stitch79

    Vicious SGE Rehab Rumor

    Actually I would have to disagree....Stitch didn't even begin to learn English until he landed on Earth, so I see these lines as another plot hole in the attraction. They come off as too "cutesy" to me.
  7. Stitch79

    New Addition!

  8. Stitch79

    New WDW Ticket Structure Announced

    Has there been any offical announcement of price changes for APs for Florida Residents?
  9. Stitch79

    Coming to Discovery Channel - My Dad as Stalin

    Yup, there is a list of cities on the official website of where it will be released on 12/22. I can't wait! How neat that your Dad was in the film :)
  10. Stitch79


    Here's the recipe from this week: Artist Point's Berry Cobbler Cobbler is a shoo-in for dessert Published November 10, 2004 Today's recipe request is for the Berry Cobbler served at Artist Point, a restaurant at Disney's Wilderness Lodge. Any fresh berries will work in this recipe...
  11. Stitch79

    Breaking News! Union Vote Is In!

    I agree completely! If someone cannot meet their financial needs while working at Disney it is time to find a new or second job to supplement their income.
  12. Stitch79

    Happy Birthday Lee!!

    Happy Birthday!
  13. Stitch79

    The Guns are back!

    Looks like they are making some changes for the better for once. :sohappy: Disney takes aim at anniversary Guns are back on the Jungle Cruise as Disneyland celebrates its founding. By Kimi Yoshino Los Angeles Times October 21, 2004 ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Hippos beware: The Jungle...
  14. Stitch79

    Cross Stitch

    Thats a nice pattern, but all of those Stoney Creek kits are pretty big. I have the Cinderella Castle one and had to put it down for awhile to stitch on something different. :) Its nice to know that there are other people here who enjoy cross stitching as well. :wave:
  15. Stitch79

    Proposal Dinner Set!

    Sounds wonderful! Be sure to let us know how it goes. :)
  16. Stitch79

    So...YOU like Pins?

    I buy the ones I like and thats about it. I've tried to snag some of the LE's but I really get tired of the fanatics who buy a bunch of them and then sell them on Ebay. It takes the fun out of it for me.
  17. Stitch79

    Karl Holz leaving DCL?

    Looks like that is true....story below from the Orlando Sentinel. Disney cruise chief takes Euro Disney post From Wire Reports September 22, 2004 Euro Disney SCA has hired Karl Holz, head of Walt Disney Co.'s Disney Cruise Line, as president and chief operating officer, nine...
  18. Stitch79

    First inside look at SGE!

    Happy Dance! Thanks so much for the pictures, I think Stitch looks great :D He looks just like he stepped out of the movie. If only someone could grab a little movie of the Stitch AA in motion....
  19. Stitch79

    The ACTIVE members thread

    Stitch79 :)
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