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  1. OFTeric

    Celebrate the Seas

    The USWP is holding a BIG 50th event on the 22nd in San Diego. It is going to be insane.
  2. OFTeric

    Far behind others

    I am sorry that happened to you. Have you contacted guest services about this?
  3. OFTeric

    SeaWorld Dining

    Sharks Underwater is my favorite. That restaurant is so incredible. But if we are going quick service, I love the Expedition Cafe at Antarctica just because you have tons of variety. SeaWorlds BBQ is deff the best in a theme park though... there are just lots of great dining options.
  4. OFTeric

    SeaWorld Rumour

    we are going to tease it in the next episode just fyi lol
  5. OFTeric

    SeaWorld Rumour

    There is actually something coming that will be open by SW Christmas this year.
  6. OFTeric

    Sea World has posted Reponse to Blackfish

    When a radical group makes a business make a binary choice you can't get upset when you disagree when they don't choose the radical option.
  7. OFTeric

    Sea World has posted Reponse to Blackfish

    The problem with that moment in BlackFish, is we DO NOT hear the question that person was asked. We are supposed to infer what question is asked, by the edited information framing that statement.
  8. OFTeric

    Sea World has posted Reponse to Blackfish

    I applaud Jason Garcia for writing an AMAZING non-biased and very balanced article. I read it and almost shouted "finally."
  9. OFTeric

    Sea World has posted Reponse to Blackfish

    A note on the Miami Seaquarium. The Miami Seaquarium is on leased public land. For the past 20 years they have been trying to drastically expand and improve Lolita's habitat. Why has this not happened? If they change the infrastructure of any of the facilities at the Miami Seaquarium it...
  10. OFTeric

    Sea World has posted Reponse to Blackfish

    HOW HOW HOW are we still talking about that OBJ poll when THE OSHA INVESTIGATOR is now being investigated. When the FILM has been PROVEN to have lied and manipulated the information, and people who appeared in it. When the entire construct of the film is from stock footage, crammed together...
  11. OFTeric

    Sea World has posted Reponse to Blackfish

    In the latest Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast we travel to Africa with Clay Carbajal Animal Ambassador from SeaWorld Texas and we look at how SeaWorld is helping to save the Painted Dogs of Africa. Incredible stuff
  12. OFTeric

    Jack Hanna Tribute to Dawn and her family

    It was emotional and moving, and moved me to tear up.
  13. OFTeric

    Sea of Surprises Surprise Squad ideas?

    This is going to be fun! I can't wait to have guests surprised and delighted all year!
  14. OFTeric


    Bridgette has more Orca experience than Samantha Berg, John Jett, Jeffery Venture and Carol Ray combined. She worked with Orca's for 10 years at SeaWorld San Antonio, and was a Sr. Trainer. So you dismissing her is just what the people at BlackFish want you to do. Samantha Berg worked with...
  15. OFTeric


    The article is going live tomorrow morning. This has been a Herculean effort to get all the information to expose the intent to mislead when creating the film.
  16. OFTeric


    I might be releasing a big story tomorrow that will further discredit blackfish.
  17. OFTeric


    Now it is my turn to copy and paste! Ex Orca Trainer Bridge M Pirtle who consulted on BlackFish and worked with Orcas for over 7 years has come out to denounce the film (and she pretty much denounces everything @JPatton has said): and then She posted this on Facebook tonight...
  18. OFTeric

    Mystery Project at Epcot

    oh that trail is dead cold... I haven't asked anyone about Epcot in so long... been too concerned with Wizards, Orcas and Penguins.
  19. OFTeric

    Shamu Upclose Debuts Tuesday

    Shamu Up Close is going to be really cool. I am excited to experience this limited time attraction.
  20. OFTeric

    Ihu's Breakaway Falls

    this is going to be terrifying
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