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  1. MaryMcMagic

    Bringing snacks in luggage

    I always pack an extra suitcase full of snacks for our trips to WDW--it saves money and we use the extra space on the way back home for all our souvenirs. I can't remember if I've done this in the past and was successful, so I'm asking--How do juice boxes/pouches hold up in checked luggage? I'm...
  2. MaryMcMagic

    Olympic merchandise in China pavilion

    Has anyone seen if they're selling Beijing Olympic merchandise at the China pavilion? In past years the host country has sold merch. in Epcot and I was curious to see if this year was an exception.
  3. MaryMcMagic

    Do point values change often?

    I've searched for the answer but came up empty. Here's my question. In the time that you have been a DVC member, how have the point values- per night, per week- changed? Normally, room rates go up every year, do point values change as well? This is my husband's concern. Right now we can visit...
  4. MaryMcMagic

    Disney Parks--Oklahoma!?!

    What does everyone make of this? The Journal Record - Straight from Tomorrowland, here's the press release: Oklahoma City – Gov. Brad Henry will be joined by officials of Walt Disney World Resorts on Tuesday, July 31, to announce an exciting project that will help put an international...
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