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  1. OFTeric

    SeaWorld Orlando hit capacity December 30th 2013

    This afternoon SeaWorld hit capacity in Orlando, and will be admitting more guests at 6pm EST. All shows have been at capacity, and ride lines have been 60 mins plus around the entire park. Overall SeaWorld is seeing incredible success this holiday Season.
  2. OFTeric

    December 15th 2013 is SeaWorld Orlando's 40th Anniversary

    While March 2014 will mark the 50 years since SeaWorld opened in San Diego, and the birth of SeaWorld, on December 15th, 2013 SeaWorld Orlando will be turning 40. It will be a Sunday, and I want to organize a fan meet up. Post in here if you are interested in joining me in the parks that day...
  3. OFTeric

    New Rumor: New Shamu Rocks for 2014 and another big surprise

    So in the latest episode of the Unofficial Seaworld Podcast we discuss that we are hearing strong rumors that a new Shamu Rocks show is on the way, and that trainers will be getting back in the water... epic news.
  4. OFTeric

    SeaWorld quarterly report conference call

    SeaWorld will have a live webcast of it's quarterly report. Watch here: http://seaworldinvestors.com/events-and-presentations/events/event-details/2013/SeaWorld-Second-Quarter-2013-Financial-Results-Conference-Call/default.aspx We will be live tweeting the news here...
  5. OFTeric

    Universal Nostalgia good or bad for the parks?

    Debating about ET's place to stay at Universal Orlando got me thinking about Nostalgia and theme parks. When you think about how you experience Universal/Disney/SeaWorld/Six Flags/Cedar Fair parks got me thinking about the place of nostalgia and the idea of holding on to attractions maybe...
  6. OFTeric

    Hour long wait to buy tickets at SeaWorld today 3/28

    Today SeaWorld's parking lot is already full (at 10:30) and ticket lines to purchase SeaWorld tickets are at over an hour.
  7. OFTeric

    Is the value at WDW there from 1980 vs today

    Ok so this is just fun speculation. Is the value at the parks at WDW there. So this is not a mean spirited thread at all, but an honest look at WDW and it's value. I want to take a look at value vs. experience vs. quality ... there are a few missing holes so if anyone can fill in the...
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