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  1. clarabellej

    New Vera Bradley Disney Pattern July 2021

    I just posted a long winded thread on here, but then when I went to sign on, could not remember my password. So in the interim it may or may not have been lost. Anyway, I was so excited I wanted to hear others thoughts and if y’all purchased any of the new stuff?! It is now available in the...
  2. clarabellej

    Long Line Memories and Line Etiquette, Your Worst Line Experiences

    So, while discussing line etiquette and what is allowed and what is just plain annoying, some “line memories” came flooding back to me. I know you all have them, so feel free to vent and share. Are you one of those awkward people/families who hold a place in line. I don’t mean, while someone...
  3. clarabellej

    Mad Micromanaging Disney Mom

    Should I take issue with the fact that a teacher’s boyfriend has joined on my daughter’s school trip to Disney? The trip was getting on my nerves anyway, because the teacher in charge did not see any point in arranging initial FPs for the kids. So they are now having to stand in the long...
  4. clarabellej

    Micromanaging Mom

    I just need to vent and saw the orange post button! My daughter will be going on a Disney trip with a school group next Thursday for Spring Break. I am not going. That is probably the biggest thing. I was torn between just letting her go or me tagging along. I chose the latter. She is 17. We...
  5. clarabellej

    Has Anyone Seen Last Redford Film?

    It has been released but is not showing at a theater near me? Hope I like it more that DDLs “last film.” That was a little weird. Although I loved looking at him anyway 😍
  6. clarabellej

    Wishes Confusion

    I show on my MDE itinerary that I am supposed to show up at 10:40 for fireworks viewing on a night when Wishes is sched. for 10pm. Very confusing. I called Disney and they confirmed the Wishes start time and said I should arrive in the viewing area at 9:40. Even with the fireworks at 10, this...
  7. clarabellej

    Wishes Fastpass Glitch

    I have fastpasses for our first night at MK. They show on my MDE page as follows: 7:40 to 8:40 Jungle Cruise 8:40 to 10:40 Pirates 10:40 to 10:55 Wishes What caught my eye was the two hour window for Pirates. I chatted with a CM on WDW chat online and she asked what day we are going...
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