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  1. MySmallWorldof4

    Pizza window at Via Napoli

    Is the pizza window still open at Via Napoli?
  2. MySmallWorldof4

    Where do the Hotel Plaza Blvd buses drop guests for MK?

    We are doing a split stay for our next trip and have decided to try out The Double Tree on Hotel Plaza Blvd. for part of it. I am just wondering where the buses drop passengers off for MK. Do they drop off near the Disney buses or at the TTC? Do they also stop at each hotel on Hotel Plaza Blvd...
  3. MySmallWorldof4

    Trip Report Spoiler Alert. No Pandora, but Flowers and Gardens and Waves Galore.

    Time for my first trip report!!! Exciting! First off going to tag some people in no particular order. :) @21stamps , @figmentfan423 , @Gabe1 , @betty rose , @littleroo, @Tony the Tigger , @donaldtoo, @Mr Ferret 88 , @Tuvalu , @TheMouseFan , @blgauger , @bee , @Cesar R M , @Songbird76 ...
  4. MySmallWorldof4

    Yee Ha Bob

    Hi! Has anyone here ever seen Yee Ha Bob at POR? Is it ok to take kids?
  5. MySmallWorldof4

    Upgrading Park Tickets to an AP, but Purchased Initial Tickets Through Parksavers

    I hope someone knows the answer to this question. I purchased 5 water park and more tickets last November through Park Savers because the deal was too good to pass up. I paid $1914 for 2 kids and 3 adult water park and more tickets. It was a 5 day. I think if I remember correctly it saved me...
  6. MySmallWorldof4

    Pre-Trip Our (Hopefully Pandora Thrown In) F&G Trip 2017

    Hi fellow Disney fanatics! It's me @MySmallWorldof4 and welcome to my first Pre-Trip report @figmentfan423 , @ajrwdwgirl , @MinnieM123 , @21stamps , @Songbird76 , @Zipitidoda , @betty rose , @donaldtoo , @MOXOMUMD , @Courtney6682 , @Mr Ferret 88 , @Goofyernmost , @imahistorygeek , @Scoppin @Tony...
  7. MySmallWorldof4

    Opinions of Blaze Pizza

    Just wondering what everyone's opinions are of Blaze Pizza at DS? We have a similar chain called Pie 5 here and are not that impressed. I am trying to figure out if we should try Blaze or go to Wolfgang Puck instead.
  8. MySmallWorldof4

    Would you or wouldn't you go to opening day of Pandora?

    For my family's upcoming May trip, our leave day is May 27th but we are driving and can leave in the late afternoon. AK has EMH that morning. We have never been to an opening of any park or new land before. I am wondering if it is worth going with all the crowds. Should we just skip it and go to...
  9. MySmallWorldof4

    Las Ventanas or Maya Grill for upcoming trip?

    I am wondering if I can get any input on Maya Grill or Las Ventanas. My family has never eaten at either and so I am looking for feedback. :)I checked the menus and everyone can find something so choices won't be an issue. Thanks!
  10. MySmallWorldof4

    Changing Rooms at Blizzard Beach

    I am going to Blizzard Beach for the first time with my family, 4 kids and 2 adults. I was wondering about the changing rooms. Is there any privacy in them and are they clean?
  11. MySmallWorldof4

    Which loop for Fort Wilderness Cabins?

    I need some advice. My family and I are going to stay at the cabins for the first time in September. Which is the best loop to request? I thought I read somewhere that there were some cabins that were hidden within the camper area that are closer to The Settlement. Thanks!
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