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  1. Baltar

    December Animal Kingdom Hours

    I'm a few days away from making dining reservations and I was checking park hours. So far for the week before my trip, Animal Kingdom is slated to close at 5pm each day. I'm assuming just a mistake on Disney's website? Hard to do the evening magic at 5pm haha.
  2. Baltar

    I Experienced the Perfect Storm of How To Ruin An Attraction

    We just came back from out 10 day WDW vacation. Another great trip was had. One particular event though was mind bogglingly irritating. This past Saturday, I saw so many things go wrong in Carousel of Progress that I figured I was paying for sins in a prior life. First, it's a huge crowd...
  3. Baltar

    This Disney commercial chafes me.

    This commercial Disney runs irritates me to no end. I get the "fantasy" and "magic" but when they want you to book reservations 180 days out, I get irritated when this idiot family starts asking about things at the front desk like 'Dinner with a princess" and the front desk is like SURE! no...
  4. Baltar

    Eggs Benedict

    Are there any restaurants in the parks where you can get Eggs Benedict? My wife loves it at Whispering Canyon Cafe but just curious about other restaurants preferably in the parks!
  5. Baltar

    Favorite Counter Service MEAL in Epcot

    I think right now, my favorite is the Shrimp Udon Noodles at the Katsura Grill
  6. Baltar

    First World Problems

    SO at the 180 day mark, I booked a breakfast reservation at 8:15am at the the Crystal Palace during my trip in mid October. I was excited to get in the park a bit early and look around Main Street on my way to CP. Then a few weeks ago, Disney extended the park hours and are now opening at 8am...
  7. Baltar

    Who ultimately made the decision to rebrand EPCOT Center

    to Epcot and is it okay to egg their house? I'd love to hear the history of this terrible decision lol
  8. Baltar

    Now I remember why I made our last trip a surprise haha

    Last year's Fall Break trip to WDW was a surprise for our youngest two children. Then teen girls knew but Audrey and Garrett were in the dark. The surprise was awesome when we arrived. This year I went a different approach. They started asking about another trip as soon as we got back last...
  9. Baltar

    Atlanta Braves Plan to Leave Disney for New Spring Training

    Here's the article. http://m.braves.mlb.com/news/article/151013682 Basically from what I've read in the past, there aren't enough baseball teams spring training locations near them at WDW. So they plan to move. I am curious if WDW will go after 1 or 2 more teams to replace them. Or will they...
  10. Baltar

    Neverland Tunnels in Disney Springs?

    I just read an article (not sure if linking is allowed) that says that at Disney Springs, they will use the area under where the Adventurer's Club was for a place called Neverland Tunnels and it's rumored to be an adults only bar/club. The article also said it was rumored to only be accessible...
  11. Baltar

    How's the Viewing Area for Illuminations FP+?

    On our next trip we're just bringing our youngest two kids so one of the 3 days we'll be at EPCOT I figured we'll let the kiddos seem Illuminations for the first time. We don't really have an abundance of need for FP+ at EPCOT for the kids. We'll ride Soarin at 9am. They don't like Test Track so...
  12. Baltar

    Old Disney MGM Studios Character Meets

    With all the DHS changes coming up, I got reminiscent about old things. Does anybody else remember the old "RV" character meets? I did an internet search to find this photo to show people what I mean. Now what I can't recall...could the characters go inside them? How long were they around...
  13. Baltar

    My Wife Caught me...

    Yep My wife caught me yesterday....reading on the internet how to score higher on Toy Story Midway Mania. My defense is that I have four kids to beat. She did that wife "simultaneous eye roll/head shake thing" as she walked out of my office. :D I've never looked for any tricks but dang it, I...
  14. Baltar

    I'm looking for particular audio from Epcot

    I am not sure of the name of it but It's background music played in Future World. I want to say it's close to Innoventions but man..everytime I hear that music it makes me smile! I need it on my phone!
  15. Baltar

    Making room requests and "preferred rooms"

    I've paid for a preferred pool view. Can I also request being on the bottom floor without risking losing the preferred pool view? bottom floor room would be my 2nd priority after the room I paid for. Just making sure before I online check in. Thanks!
  16. Baltar

    If you could only choose 2 out of 3 of these options...

    Before I ask the question, here's the background info: My wife and I are taking our two youngest kiddos to WDW for 9 days. Our teenagers have class trips during same time so they aren't coming. Audrey is 7 and Garrett is 5. Neither are huge fans of fast moving rides so we end up spending a lot...
  17. Baltar

    Will the Sci Fi Diner go away or be re-themed?

    It's one of my favorite themed restaurants but I'm worried that with Star Wars land and Toy Story Land expansion it might be a casualty. Considering the "guesses" we are making about where the expansions will go, what does everybody think?
  18. Baltar

    Suggestions for our 2nd Trip?

    This past June, my wife and I turned one of my business trips into our first ever trip to Disneyland. We only had about 2 days in the parks. We love the history of DLR and we both love Walt Disney's story so it was amazing. So my wife and I want to make a 2nd trip. We're teachers so we're sorta...
  19. Baltar

    I miss you French Toast Loaf

    Did anybody else love this Main Street Bakery staple? I think its removal from the menu a few years ago hurt me ALMOST as much as the closing of the Adventurer's Club.
  20. Baltar

    Be Our Guest Breakfast Reservations

    Do we know how far out they are allowing ADRs for Be Our Guest Breakfast? I'll be there in late October and it doesn't seem to have reached that point yet.
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