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  1. davictim

    Cinderella Castle Clock

    Incredible work on the clock! I love it! The Appliance Direct truck is WAKKIE NU NU!!!
  2. davictim

    News PHOTO - Masai giraffe born this week at Disney's Animal Kingdom

    She is adorable! My daughters would say that she has a cute, derpy face! I would have to agree! :)
  3. davictim

    Teach me the ways of bread service.

    DO get the bread service. DON'T forget to get the bread service. :cool: Side note: If anyone in your party has any gluten issues, Sanaa does offer GF naan bread. Enjoy your stay!
  4. davictim

    Choices for quick serve when your over burgers and chicken?

    There are many choices in the respective Parks, as the previous posters have listed. These are my personal favs: MK: Columbia Harbor House (Tuna sammy for me) EP: Tangierine Cafe (Chicken and Lamb Shawarma Platter), Sunshine Seasons (Many choices) DHS: ABC Commissary (BBQ Rib Platter) AK...
  5. davictim

    Adult but not Signature Dinning for dinner

    Another vote for Sanaa! Do you see the pattern? If you cannot get a ressie for the day you need, just show up and sit at the bar. No ressie needed, and you can order from the full menu. My wife and oldest daughter just did this two weeks ago. As others have said, get the bread service. You...
  6. davictim

    Is it possible to stay at Fort Wilderness without having to go to the parks?

    Fun fact: The Triple R Ranch was the setting for Spin and Marty. In the Toy Story movie where Andy goes to Cowboy Camp, he is wearing a Triple R Ranch t-shirt when he gets back home. There is also a Triple R Ranch sticker on the clipboard in the Slinky Dog Dash que.
  7. davictim

    best buffet for dinner?

    If you decide to do a buffet, Boma and Cape May are our favorites. Here is an option for you since the buffets may not be the most cost effective route for dinner. Go to Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Lodge. The Naan bread service is a must do! Grab a couple of entrees to share, and you will have...
  8. davictim

    All-Star Movies Renovations

    I can personally verify that our room in Love Bug Building 7 was renovated! We stayed there Thanksgiving Week.
  9. davictim

    What's your "go to", "cannot miss" meal at the world.

    Sanaa has moved to the head of the pack for us. Gotta have the bread service, and the Oxtail Umngqusho (Braised Oxtail, Marrow, Cracked Hominy, and Beans) for the apps. Braised beef is our favorite entree.
  10. davictim

    All-Star Movies Renovations

    Checking in at ASMov in 6 days. Fingers crossed for a renovated room! (Without the filthy floor, of course!)
  11. davictim

    Whats your favorite cocktail in WDW?

    The Rosemary and maple Whisky Sour from Ragland Road is one of our favorites! Dickel 12 Tennessee Whisky, crushed rosemary, dark maple syrup, and lemon sour. Yum! (You can see it hiding behind the scallop forest)
  12. davictim

    Just a few tips about POP! 6/20 - 6/26/16

    We just got back from a long weekend at Pop. Give the pot pie a try for dinner. I thought it was pretty darn good. My DW's go-to dinner is the rotisserie chicken with mashed taters and green beans. Another perk of staying at Pop is the close proximity to AoA and their food court. We all...
  13. davictim

    Be Our Guest dining

    I used the confirmation number you get with your Magicband order. We have lunch ressies on Sunday!
  14. davictim

    BOG Lunch FP = Success IMO

    We are only 11 days out from our trip, so that would put us within the rumored 30 day window. I was able to log in and get the fastpasses with two separate MagicBand confirmation numbers. On the second one, I had to try a couple of times to get a corresponding time to the first. Good luck, all!
  15. davictim

    BOG Lunch FP = Success IMO

    Just secured BOG lunch Ressies. The Number You Need To Log In Is The Confirmation Number Given On Your Magicband Order. It Should Be a 12 Digit Number, No Letters. (My Apologies For The Odd Capitalization. I Am Posting From My Phone And I Cannot Figure Out Why It Is Doing This!!!!!)
  16. davictim

    Babycakes NYC

    I have purchased BabyCakes Mini Cupcakes at The Art Of Animation food Court On Multiple occasions. (Sorry For The Odd Capitalization. Posting From My Phone, Not Sure why It Is Doing This...)
  17. davictim

    Restaurant Reviews..

    Gee.... I've always thought it was "Beauty is in the eye of the BEER holder!" :cool: My DW and I read reviews and take them with a grain of salt before making a firm decision. We will usually give the restaurant a try if it looks interesting to us.
  18. davictim

    WDW Food Pictures Of The Day Part II

    My DD's go-to breakfast. Gluten free Mickey Waffles, maple syrup, bacon, and strawberries.
  19. davictim

    DCL Picture Of The Day

    A must do. Enjoying a drink while you sail away from Port Canaveral!
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