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  1. dig311dug

    AP Discount Question (45th anniversary Q)

    Do AP's still get a discount after the 45th anniversary is over (i.e. 9/30/17) For example: Flying Fish Disney's BoardWalk Up to 30% 20% discount applies to regular price of food and nonalcoholic beverages (excluding tax and gratuity) during all available meal periods. 30% discount available...
  2. dig311dug

    New AP Question

    Staying at POFQ October 17-28 Purchasing AP for the first time closer to those dates (probably the first week of october) The only option is for will call.. Does that mean they don't ship AP magic bands? Do I need to stop at a park before resort, or will the resort give me a temporary card of...
  3. dig311dug

    applying discount post-booking

    a question i'm sure has been asked a thousand times before... Can I book now and hypothetically apply a discount when it becomes available? (specifically a future room discount for October)
  4. dig311dug

    Disney World: The Game

    ...would be pretty sweet.
  5. dig311dug

    RIP Target 5% discount

    No more discounts on Disney giftcards with the Target redcard :(
  6. dig311dug

    Booking Be Our Guest Dinner in September Question

    Anyone know why Be Our Guest Dinner is only available until 6:00pm everyday for reservations? I know MNSSHP is a few days... but the other days??
  7. dig311dug

    2015 WDW planning DVD

    Anyone know if they're shipping a new version of the planning DVD out yet?
  8. dig311dug

    Charging gratuity to room with magic band question

    If one uses their magic band (which is linked to their room with a credit card on file) at a restaurant, and then writes in the gratuity... is there a delay in the time that it goes to the room account? As restaurants outside of the world usually have a 4day period before the tip shows up on...
  9. dig311dug

    so... crazy way to save cashola for DW (10% or more off)

    I know that using a target red card to get 5% off of disney gift cards is pretty well known... but did you know you still get 5% off even when you use target gift cards instead of your red card (still need to have a red card on file.) You can find discounted gift cards on sites like raise...
  10. dig311dug

    Does anyone even like Splash Mountain anymore?

    just kidding, it's my favorite ride and my latest design: Download full version here: http://www.dougmilewski.com/images/splash_FINAL.jpg (designed at macs 27" resolution: 2560 x 1440)
  11. dig311dug

    Dole Whip Float

    It's no Epcot poster... but something I "whipped" up tonight :joyfull::joyfull::joyfull::geek: http://dougmilewski.com/images/dolewhipFINAL.jpg
  12. dig311dug

    Epcot Poster

    Hey all, I just finished a pretty cool Epcot poster design, all the photos are just from google images, this was a just for fun noncommercial project... enjoy! Here is the super highres version also: http://dougmilewski.com/images/epcotposter_FINAL.jpg (I'm seeing triangles in my sleep...
  13. dig311dug

    Magic Kingdom Logo

    I finished a pretty cool layout/logo design based on the original magic kingdom logo. The pics are pretty much all taken from google images and of course magic kingdom is disney ©, but it's a just for fun project! http://dougmilewski.com/images/magickingdom_final.jpg
  14. dig311dug

    Ms/Mrs error question...

    I accidentally noted my girlfriend as a Mrs. instead of Ms... this is a really dumb question... but will this affect anything, like with my airline?
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