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  1. 5thGenTexan


    Free doesnt mean much. I picked my phone based on the camera. At the time it was pretty good. All three of the "free" offerings lack substantially in performance, camera, etc.... If they want to give me something, give me credit towards a decent device.
  2. 5thGenTexan


    I have a LG G6 that will no longer work after December 2021 because TMobile is shutting down SPrint CMDA. I have to find a new phone, maybe new carrier. I don't trust any of the "Deals", dealing with getting a new phone is worse and makes me feel dirtier than having to buy a car. I was...
  3. 5thGenTexan

    What is your Goofiest MK Mistake?

    2013 in Galveston for a DCL Cruise. We ate dinner and got gas the night before we sail in Galveston. Next morning I get a notification from my credit care company about suspicious charges. As things go, I had to have that card cut off that morning just before boarding the ship. Luckily we...
  4. 5thGenTexan

    What is your Goofiest MK Mistake?

    And.. we drove to WDW from Dallas. We stayed at Colonial Motel and Apts in St Cloud. We had some brochures and a guidebook my mother got before we left. There obviously was some planning, but at the same time it was "Lets go to Disney World. and figure it out once we get there" :)
  5. 5thGenTexan

    What is your Goofiest MK Mistake?

    July 1985 and it was near closing time. We went from park opening to close that week, with no going back to the hotel to rest. One night as I said, it was really close to closing and we were almost running to catch the ferry from MK back to the TTC. We just barely made it. One problem...
  6. 5thGenTexan

    Luca, new Summer 2021 Pixar Film

    I am not worried what "we'd prefer I do or didnt do" I am talking about having to go see it because my kids want to see it. Being Texan doesnt have anything to do with not like a cartoon movie.
  7. 5thGenTexan

    Luca, new Summer 2021 Pixar Film

    Goody. Another cartoon movie I am gonna have to go see and if I make any disparaging remarks about going I am being the jerk about not ever wanting to see what everyone else wants to see.
  8. 5thGenTexan

    US Cinemas Are Reopening Slowly.

    Just the movie or did they include any popcorn?
  9. 5thGenTexan

    US Cinemas Are Reopening Slowly.

    We went to a Cinemark yesterday for the first time since March 2020. Went to see WW84. (We all thought it was good, I was surprised my 10 and 12 year old liked it a lot) We were there and 7 or 8 others spread out. Butter dispensers shut down, no free refills. They have a short video after...
  10. 5thGenTexan

    Six Flags problems

    In my ideal world.. ALL the "Six Flags" parks would be sold off. Leaving the original 'Six Flags Over Texas". Dump the Warner Bros garbage. Bring SFOT back to the way it used to be.
  11. 5thGenTexan

    Wandavision weekly or ?

    I dont have any friends to talk to about the show from one episode to the next and I don't go looking at "whatifs" or anything during the week. I like weekly episodes because I am old enough to remember thats how TV was. You watched it on the night it was on, and if you missed it, you missed...
  12. 5thGenTexan

    FOR FUN, worst place to have to drive

    I live in a town with 3 traffic lights. I hate driving anywhere outside of town anymore. :)
  13. 5thGenTexan

    After Facebook??

    I have been on FB since 2008, now it looks like I am done. What do I do now?? Seriously
  14. 5thGenTexan

    Pixar's Soul

    I'd watch a test pattern in black and white over The Good Dinosaur.. Hated it in the theater and it didnt get any better in later viewings.
  15. 5thGenTexan

    Coming to America 2

  16. 5thGenTexan

    Suggest a new name for the W. Redskins

    I wont either... but then again I havent watched the NFL in the past so not much change :)
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