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  1. tracyandalex

    crazy idea? - Disney transportation

    We have never used Disney transportation so, hopefully I can word this as least confusing as possible. We came up with a crazy idea and want to know if it's possible. We want to rent a car and drive to WDW, stay in WDW hotel for the night before our cruise then use the DCL bus to get to the...
  2. tracyandalex

    Possible Cruise Blasphemy

    So now that we have stuck to our New Year's resolution of working out and eating better DH has mentioned going to the gym during our cruise :eek: So has anyone actually been to the gym on their cruise? We will be on the Wonder. We have both decided to ditch the better eating (well for the 5...
  3. tracyandalex

    QS at DHS

    We will be at DHS for a few hours in the evening in a couple of weeks. We have no dining reservations and it occured to me that I have no idea where we should eat dinner :eek: . We have always done a TS for dinner, but since we only have a few hours we don't want to waste the time on TS...
  4. tracyandalex

    Sophia and Izzy Halloween Costumes

    I have heard that there will be Halloween costumes for Sophia and Izzy this year. FYI to anyone planning on going to the world around Halloween time.
  5. tracyandalex

    WWYE (What Would You Eat?)

    In less than 30 days we will be at the World!!!!!!!:D Now that all of our dining plans are finalized, we want to know what all of you eat at the places we will be eating at on this trip. Some of these are places we've eaten before and some are new to us. It will be me, DH, and DD4. This trip...
  6. tracyandalex

    Are We There Yet, to the FLE Preview we go TR

    This trip came about around 2 weeks ago due to my WONDERFUL sister inviting us to the CM pre-view of the New Fantasyland. The cast: Me, DH (Alex), DD4 (Tori), and DSis (Rachel) The trip info: 10/24 – 10/27, staying at All-Star Sports (Tori’s first time staying at this resort) The plan: work ¾ of...
  7. tracyandalex

    What's your strategy?

    We will be at the world for 2 days at the end of the month, one day for MK and one day for F&W. This trip will be the first with DD4 big enough for SM and BTMRR. She also must do the Pooh ride (the real name is totally escaping me right now), PPF and Buzz Lightyear. Also, that night there is...
  8. tracyandalex

    Opinions/Advice about new camera

    Background: About 4 months ago we sold our 3 year old Canon Powershot and got an Olympus. We really liked the Canon a lot, but we were ready for something new. We hate the Olympus. The low light or any indoor pics w/o a flash for that matter are really noisy. :mad: New camera: We want a...
  9. tracyandalex

    DCL Bus at Champs Sports Bowl

    We were at the Champ's Sports Bowl in Orlando on the 29th and with all the buses parked there we saw a DCL bus. Does anyone know why there was a DCL bus at a football game?
  10. tracyandalex

    Oceaneer's Club Questions

    We will be sailing on the Dream in May and DD is finally potty trained (:sohappy:) so she wants to go to the Oceaneer's Club. Ok, my questions: anyone know the hours the club is open? will they feed her? is there any place for her to nap? any additional advice is very much appreciated! thanks...
  11. tracyandalex

    western caribbean cruise questions

    we have a 2 yr old daughter so we are concerned about the excursions because for most of them no children under 5 or 8 are allowed. we don't mind leaving her at the nursery, she loved it last time, but we don't want to leave her in there all day, but we want to spend as much time as we can at...
  12. tracyandalex

    Cruise Discounts

    we are planning on taking a 7 night Caribbean cruise next year and are wondering what if any discounts folks have seen. We are Florida residents and i know they give lots of discounts, but i have never seen any for the 7 night cruises only the 3 and 4 nights. Normally with the WDW hotels they...
  13. tracyandalex

    First time cruiser questions

    we are leaving next week for our first cruise. we are doing the 3 night bahamian cruise on the wonder. the travelers are me, the mr, and our daughter (18 months). ok, here are the questions: what is the protocal on tipping? how does breakfast work, we have only seen info regarding dinner? how...
  14. tracyandalex

    First cruise, please advise

    We have just booked our first cruise ever. We will be on the Disney Wonder for the 3 night Bahamian cruise in April. We = myself, my husband, and our 17 month old daughter. We have dinner reservations at Palo, a glass bottom boat tour on Castaway Cay, and the Discover Atlantis tour when we...
  15. tracyandalex

    No expiration option question

    Good monring all!! I am trying to throw together a short trip during the food and wine festival because it's the DH's birthday. Anyway, we have two Florida resident 5 day hopper coupons to exchange, but only plan on using two days. How much will it cost to add the no expiration? When is the...
  16. tracyandalex

    California Grill Question

    We will be going to the world in December and have an ADR for Cali Grill. We will have our 1 year old daughter with us. We have never been to Cali Grill before and are hesitant to bring our daughter. What do you all recommend? Should we bring her, change the reservation, or do something else...
  17. tracyandalex

    Studios EMH Question

    I think I remember reading somewhere that Fantasmic is performed again during evening EMH. Is this true and if so, what time is it usually? thanks in advance, Tracy
  18. tracyandalex

    room occupancy question

    My family is going to the world and we all want to stay in the same room, but we have 5 adults. My mom spoke with a CM who told her that the rooms at Alligator Bayou have 2 double beds & a pull-out bed. On the disney website it says the pull-out bed for a child 3-9 yrs old. Has anyone seen...
  19. tracyandalex

    candlelight dinner package question

    we will be eating at biergarten on friday dec 15th and are wondering if we should do the candlelight processional dinner package. we have the DDE card, can we use it for this? also, if not is it worth the 20 extra dollars it would cost us not using the card? it is just us 2 adults. thanks...
  20. tracyandalex

    resort refurb question

    hey all, we know that the poly and CR are being refurbed as we speek, and we are planning to stay in both when the refurbs are completed. My question is: when is the GF going to get a refurb, or has it recently had one that I am not aware of? thanks :wave: tracy
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