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    Universal Isle Resort: A New Chapter

    Universal Studios Hollywood Universal Orlando Resort Universal Studios Japan Universal Studios Singapore And now Universal's newest chapter in its theme park and resort industry; Universal Isle Resort Universal Isle Resort is located in the Gulf of Mexico near Texas. With it's two theme parks...
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    Texas Disneyland Resort

    2024; the year when Texas Disneyland Resort completes. Located near San Antonio, TDR will be Disney's seventh resort in the world, the third in North America, and the second with more than two parks. When completed, TDR will have three parks, one water park, a good number of on-resort hotels...
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    Universal Isle Resort

    Universal is known to many as a massive entertainment, merchandising, and theme park corporation. And has resorts almost around the globe. Now, Universal is building its own resort out in the Gulf Of Mexico, after Walt Disney Resort's own success. Here will what to expect at Universal Isle...
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    Walt Disney Kingdom Project

    Hey guys and girls, I know a lot of things are going on like @spacemt354's The House Cup challenge, the coming end of The Road Trip challenge, and The Sole Imagineer: Redemption Island, and the inspirations of my new resort, @orlando678-'s Walt Disney Resort Project, @MANEATINGWREATH's...
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    Disneyland Virginia Resort:An Imagineering Competition

    In the 1990s,Walt Disney World resorts were expanding,with a new resort opening in Hong Kong,two other international parks being built in;EuroDisney Resort and Tokyo DisneySea,and two new theme parks back in the first two resorts ;Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort.Disney also considered...
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    What would you do if you were in charge of Universal Resort Orlando?

    Universal Oralndo is one of Orlando's greatest hot spots and one of Universal's best resort.With so much going on such as the new King Kong attraction or The New Diagon Alley and Hogwarts express in Universal Studios Florida or the new hotel Loew's Sapphire Falls and The Volcano Bay water/theme...
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